WHO - Team Leader, Public Health Intelligence (Dissemination) (2023)

WHO - Team Leader, Public Health Intelligence (Dissemination) (1)Geneva (Switzerland)

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This isP-4contract This type of contract is known asProfessional and managerial staff.It's normalinternational recruitment onlyIt is an employee contract. Usually required7 years experiencedepending on education.


This job needs to be paid forfrom $165,474 to $213,345.

Remuneration for the P-4 contract in Geneva

International rate of $90,970 plus additional 81.9% (adjusted) applies at this location. Please note that depending on your location,higher adjustment after adjustment can still result in lower purchasing power.

Please note that the salary shown here is an amountAssessed by UN Talentdepending on location and contract type. Can vary from organization to. The recruiter must be able to tell you the exact salary range. If the job description contains other salary information, refer to it.

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More about P-4 contracts and their remuneration.


The mission of WHO's Health Emergencies Program (the Programme) is to build the capacity of Member States to deal with health threats and, when national capacities are overwhelmed, to direct and coordinate the international health response to contain the epidemic and ensure effective relief and recovery. populations. WHE Response (WRE) is responsible for rapid detection and response to health emergencies, leveraging appropriate national and international partnerships, ensuring that populations affected by acute and protracted emergencies have access to essential health services and that systems are maintained and strengthened in fragile situations. conflict and vulnerability environments, while implementing proven strategies to prevent priority pandemic/epidemic-prone diseases on a large scale. The Department of Alert and Response Coordination (ARC) is responsible for providing a comprehensive capability to detect, manage, coordinate and monitor acute public health emergencies, as well as generate and disseminate public health information related to such events. Identifies potential emergency incidents through early warning, provides risk assessment of such incidents and provides management, coordination and ongoing monitoring of emergency incidents requiring activation of the headquarters incident management framework. These include epidemics and humanitarian emergencies.


- Develops and proposes innovative technical health policies and strategies to be implemented through collaboration with regional and national offices and advises on the further development of epidemiological intelligence and risk assessment to strengthen and improve the technical capabilities of target clients.

- Manages the sub-unit's work area in the implementation of its objectives by effectively leading a small team of technical staff to optimize the results of the program in accordance with the organization's mandate.

- Develops and monitors work plans and budgets for team activities and controls the implementation of planned activities.

- Analyzes data and information on best practices for implementing sustainable public health programs and disseminates information.

- Manage research and implementation of the subunit's activities and dissemination of information for capacity building in the relevant work area.

- Conducts monitoring and evaluation of a specific work area and provides timely reporting to decision makers.

- Provides technical guidance and works closely with counterparts in technical departments across the organization and works with counterparts in UN partner agencies, donors and other stakeholders to harmonize public health policy and strategy recommendations and facilitate successful national and/or global health programmes.

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- Represents WHO at various meetings after the delegation.

- Performs all other related duties in accordance with assigned duties.



Necessary: Advanced education in epidemiology, public health, international health, supplemented by a degree or diploma in medicine, midwifery, nursing, medical biology or a related discipline.Desirable: PhD in one of the above fields.


Necessary: Minimum 7 years of professional experience in management of epidemiology, epidemiological intelligence and/or control of acute public health incidents at national and/or international level, including experience in developing health policies and strategies. Proven experience in managing human and financial resources. Documented experience at international level.Desirable: Experience working with WHO, UN agencies or other international organizations and a good understanding of inter-agency collaboration.


- Strong public health program management skills which may include implementation of public health/disease control programs.

- Strong skills in developing and establishing policies and strategies.

- Excellent skills and ability to manage diverse teams and financial resources.

- Good ability to mobilize resources.

- Ability to work effectively and diplomatically with external partners including ministries of health, donor institutions, civil society and other stakeholders.

- Commitment to effective collaboration with other key partners in the healthcare field.

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WHO competencies

Teamwork Respects and promotes individual and cultural differences Communication Building and promoting partnerships throughout the organization and beyond.

Use of language skills

Necessary: Fluent English. Intermediate knowledge of the French language.Desirable: Average knowledge of another WHO language.


WHO Professional's salary is calculated in US dollars. Compensation for the above position includes an annual base salary starting at $77,326 (including mandatory deductions for pension and health insurance premiums, respectively), a variable time adjustment to reflect the cost of living in the job position, and the current monthly salary of $5,413 for the above position. Other benefits include 30 days annual leave, allowances for dependent family members, home leave and an education allowance for dependent children.


  • This job posting can be used to fill other similar positions in the same pay grade

  • We only contact seriously considered candidates.

  • A written test can be used as a form of verification.

  • In case your candidate is called for an interview, you must send in advance a scanned copy of the diploma/certificate/certificate required for the position. WHO only considers higher qualifications obtained from an institution accredited/recognised in the World Higher Education Database (WHED), a list updated by the International Association of Universities (IAU)/United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The list can be accessed at the following link:http://www.whed.net/. Some professional certifications may not appear on WHED and will require individual assessment.

  • Pursuant to Article 101, subsection 3, of the UN Charter, the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity are of decisive importance when employing personnel. Due consideration will be given to the importance of recruiting staff in as wide a geographical area as possible.

  • Each appointment/extension of appointment is subject to the WHO Staff Regulations, Staff Regulations and Handbook.

  • Employees in other positions are encouraged to apply.


  • More information on WHO activities can be found at:http://www.who.int.

  • WHO is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where there is mutual respect. WHO recruits and hires workers without regard to disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, language, race, marital status, religious, cultural, ethnic and socio-economic background or other personal characteristics.

  • WHO is committed to achieving gender equality and geographic diversity among its workforce. Women, people with disabilities and citizens from non-represented and under-represented Member States (https://www.who.int/careers/diversity-equity-and-inclusion) are strongly encouraged to apply for a job at WHO.

  • Persons with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation to participate in the recruitment process. Requests for reasonable adjustments should be sent by email toreasonable zakwaterowanie@who.int

  • An impeccable record of integrity and professional ethical standards is essential. WHO is proud of staff who adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards and are committed to standingWHO's værdicharterin practice.

  • WHO has zero tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA), sexual harassment and other forms of abuse (ie discrimination, abuse of power and harassment). All WHO staff have a role to play in promoting a safe and respectful workplace and should report all actual or suspected cases of SEA, sexual harassment and other forms of abuse to WHO. To ensure that the organization does not employ individuals with a documented history of SEA, sexual harassment or other forms of abuse, WHO will conduct background checks on final applicants.

  • Mobility is a prerequisite for international professional employment in WHO and an essential prerequisite for an international public service. Candidates appointed to a WHO international position are subject to mobility and may be assigned to any activity or position in the organization worldwide.

  • WHO also offers a wide range of staff benefits, including parental leave and attractive flexible working arrangements, to help promote a healthy work-life balance and enable all staff to fully express and develop their talents.

  • The statutory retirement age for employed employees is 65. For external applicants, only those expected to complete their tenure will be considered.

  • WHO maintains a smoke-free environment and does not recruit smokers or users of any form of tobacco.

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  • If the website does not display correctly, please try again: (i) ensure that you have the latest version of your browser (Chrome, Edge or Firefox) installed; (ii) clear your browsing history and open the Site in a new browser (not in a new tab in the same browser); or (iii) attempt to access the Site again using Mozilla Firefox or another device. Click on the link for detailed instructions on completing job applications:Candidate Instructions

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