Under Armor's most popular golf shoes: find your perfect fit (2023)

By: Justyn Park

Under Armor's most popular golf shoes: find your perfect fit (1)

Based in Baltimore, Under Armor is relatively new to the world of golf shoes. Despite this, the highly successful entry into the football boots and basketball shoes market helped the brand enter the marketgolfand now it's a reunion with Tour pros, including sponsored athlete Jordan Spieth.

As you might expect, Under Armor creates modern, high-tech golf shoes with modern materials and athletic sneaker-like profiles. Under Armor offers a variety of men's and women's styles and several affordable options that still deliver performance, along with plenty of high-end shoes, including Spieth's signature shoes he wears on Tour. If you're looking for an old fashioned golf shoe, you'll want to look elsewhere.

Golf shoes aren't cheap, but having the right grip and support is key to a successful golf swing, and supportive comfort will help you stay longer on the course. Check out our Under Armor favorites.

Top 6 Under Armor golf shoes

Staff Favorite: UA Charged Draw 2 Mænds Spiked Golf Shoe
Best budget: UA Charged Draw 2 Men's Spikeless Golf Shoe
Top women: UA Charged Breathe 2 spikeless golf shoes for women
Best comfort: UA Charged Phantom Men's Spikeless Golf Shoes
Best performance: UA Spieth 4 GTX Men's Golf Shoes
Best performance without spikes:UA HOVR Tour SL Men's Golf Shoes

How we chose the best golf shoes

Behemoth of the Under Armor sportswear industry has become one of the largest golf apparel sponsorsJordana Spietha, one of the best golfers on the Tour. Under Armor produces several models of golf shoes, and each of them has many versions, so you can take your time to choose the right pair for you.

To find the best, we've looked at product specifications covering the most popular types of Under Armor footwear. Then we went through detailed product descriptions, ratings and reviews to find the best Under Armor golf shoes in each category.

A staff favorite: the UA Charged Draw 2 Men's Spiked Golf Shoe

All of our market picks are independently selected and overseen by an editorial team. If you purchase a related product,GOLF.COMmay earn a commission. Prices may vary.

Under Armor's most popular golf shoes: find your perfect fit (2)

A staff favorite: the UA Charged Draw 2 Men's Spiked Golf Shoe

110,00 $

buy now

- Lekki
- Reasonable price
- A secure base

- Non-replaceable spikes

Under Armor specializes in producing high-tech sportswear at affordable prices, and the UA Charged Draw 2 Spiked golf shoes represent that mission among all shoes in their range. They are lightweight (11.9 ounces), comfortable shoes with studs that provide plenty of grip for most golfers. The lightweight design makes them great for long days on the court thanks to the responsive Charged Cushioning midsole that returns energy with every step.

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Plus an Ortholite sockliner for breathability, enhanced with an antibacterial coating to keep your golf shoes from smelling like golf shoes. And while they aren't technically fully waterproof, the NeverWet treatment keeps you dry while maintaining breathability.

Size range:8-13 |Waterproof:No |Barbs:So |Coloring:1

Best Budget: UA Charged Draw 2 Men's Spikeless Golf Shoe

- Lekki
- Reasonable price
- Waterproof

- Limited grip compared to spikes

The same clean look and lightweight construction as the Charged Draw 2 Spiked shoes, but in a spikeless version, Under Armor's cheapest golf shoe. They are even lighter (9.8 ounces) than their pointed siblings, but still provide plenty of grip for most golfers.

As mentioned above, the NeverWet treatment is not a true 100% waterproof boot, but Under Armor backs it up with a one-year waterproof warranty. Charged Cushioning foam midsole provides energy-returning sneaker-like comfort.

Size range:7-15 |Waterproof:No |Barbs:No |Coloring:3

Women's Best: UA Charged Breathe 2 Women's Spikeless Golf Shoe

Under Armor's most popular golf shoes: find your perfect fit (4)

Women's Best: UA Charged Breathe 2 Women's Spikeless Golf Shoe

90,00 $


buy now

- Lekki
- Under $100
- Breathable waterproof

- Limited wet grip

While somegolf shoes for womenjust grab a men's shoe and switch up the colors a bit, these UA Charged Breathe Spikeless golf shoes are designed from the ground up with female golfers in mind. And like most Under Armor shoes, they deliver sporty style and technology at an affordable price.

Under Armor's patented Never-Wet technology protects the microfiber leather upper to prevent your feet from getting wet in wet grass and light rain. Sneaker style, spikeless construction and a comfortable midsole let you play all day.

Size range:5-10 |Waterproof:No |Barbs:No |Coloring:1

Ultimate Comfort: UA Charged Phantom Spikeless Men's Golf Shoe

Under Armor's most popular golf shoes: find your perfect fit (5)

Ultimate Comfort: UA Charged Phantom Spikeless Men's Golf Shoe

130,00 $

buy now

- Comfort all day
- Lekki
- Breathable upper

- Limited stability compared to stiffer boots

If you put in miles on the green and want comfort in golf shoes, the UA Charged Phantom Spikeless golf shoes are the best choice in the Under Armor lineup. They are basically walking shoes built with strategic reinforcements for stability when swinging.

And of course there are studless studs covering the outsole for grip during swings. The shoe's woven mesh upper and EVA sockliner add to the comfort of a shoe that you can wear from the links to anywhere without desperately wanting to change golf shoes.

Size range:7-15 |Waterproof:No |Barbs:No |Coloring:1

Top Performance: UA Spieth 4 GTX Men's Golf Shoes

Under Armor's most popular golf shoes: find your perfect fit (6)

(Video) adidas Golf Shoes Size Guide - What size should I choose?

Top Performance: UA Spieth 4 GTX Men's Golf Shoes

199,99 USD

buy now

- Fully waterproof Gore-Tex upper
- Maximum traction on plugs
- Breathable upper

- Dear

Professionals take no chances with their footwear, and these signature Under Armor and Jordan Spieth shoes are the shoes he wears in competition. This full studded option relies on nine aggressive rotational resistance traction knobs that grip the grass on hard and soft shots, regardless of the weather. The rest of the outsole is a rigid TPU with a carbon fiber insert that provides the stability required to generate consistent power during swings.

The Spieth 4 is a fully waterproof boot with Gore-Tex lining that maximizes both waterproofing and breathability. On the outside of the waterproof membrane is a thin, lightweight microfiber suede upper that is thinner than regular leather and does not change shape when wet. The price of the golf shoe is high, but it is the right choice for performance-oriented golfers, including Spieth himself.

Size range:8-11,5 |Waterproof:So |Barbs:So |Coloring:1

Top performance without studs: UA HOVR Tour SL Men's Golf Shoe

Under Armor's most popular golf shoes: find your perfect fit (7)

Top performance without studs: UA HOVR Tour SL Men's Golf Shoe

180,00 $

buy now

- Fully waterproof
- Long-lasting comfort

- Dear

While most top pros still wear golf shoes with cleats, more and more players are using the superior spikeless technology developed over the past few years. The HOVR Tour SL golf shoe from Under Armor is designed for performance-oriented golfers who like a lower profile and more comfortshoes without spikes.

The HOVR technology in the shoe's name has been carried over from Under Armor running shoes and uses a proprietary midsole that does not compress over time, ensuring the shoes will have the same comfort and support on day 100 as they did on day one. The studless outsole has two fixed rubber 'spikes' of different densities and a rigid TPU base and heel cup to stiffen the platform during heavy turns.

Size range:8-13 |Waterproof:So |Barbs:No |Coloring:2


Get traction in your game

Even if it's just a hobby for you, golf is a sport and any level of golfer can benefit from the right pair of golf shoes. Under Armor offers a wide selection of shoes backed by a reputation as a manufacturer of quality sportswear at an affordable price.

And it doesn't just anchor you to the grass on your swings and support you underneathtake the course, golf shoes can connect the entire golf set together. Under Armor has a bold, modern, athletic look that works well with all but the most classic golf styles.

How to choose the right golf shoes for you

There are many things to consider when buying golf shoes, but you should at least consider price, comfort level and grip when deciding on the best option for your golf game.


The Under Armor line of golf shoes starts at just $100 and goes up to around $200 for their top options like Jordan Spieth's signature shoe, the Spieth 4 GTX. While $100 for a golf-only pair of golf shoes may not seem cheap, Under Armor's lower-end models are some of the most affordable branded golf shoes out there.


Under Armor golf shoes borrow many design elements from the line of running shoes and other athletic shoes, and you can generally expect sneaker-like comfort. If comfort is your top priority, the brand offers several models with thicker, softer midsoles and more flexible uppers that feel more like walking shoes than traditional golf shoes. The more expensive Under Armor pro models are much stiffer if you're looking for performance, with harder outsoles and more reinforcements on the sides.

Traction force

Under Armor offers both spikeless and spiked models, with most of their more "pro" models having spikes or a mix of cleats and rubber spikes. That said, modern studded shoes offer better grip than older models, and there can be plenty of them, especially if you play golf in a dry area where wet grass is not a common problem.

Frequently asked questions

Is Under Armor good for golf?

Under Armor is the second best-selling sportswear brand in the United States, but the brand is still a fairly young company compared to competitors Nike and Adidas, having only been founded in 1996. The Under Armor line of golf shoes is even newer, first being sold in 2015 , although they started producing football boots in 2006. Jordan Spieth has won three Grand Slam tournaments and since then only wears Under Armor golf shoes, so footwear is good enough for any golfer.

Which golfers wear Under Armor shoes?

The most famous golfer to wear Under Armor shoes is Jordan Spieth, who has been in head-to-toe Under Armor since 2013. Under Armor also sponsors men's pros Maverick McNealy and Hunter Mahan, and pros Alison Lee and Emily Kristine Pedersen.

Is Nike better than Under Armor for golf?

Nike and Under Armor are two of the country's best-selling sportswear brands, and both offer modern sportswear and golf shoes. Nike sponsors several big names in golf including Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, Rory McIlroy and many more.

The most recognizable Under Armor professional is Jordan Spieth, but sponsorship does not necessarily imply product performance. Determining which brand is "the best" is both difficult and subjective, so it's best to try products from each and see which one best suits your golf style and budget.

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Under Armor's most popular golf shoes: find your perfect fit (8)

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