Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (2023)

What are the best spirits in the Ring of Elden?

Spirit Ashes are special items that allow you to summon companions to fight alongside the player.

They can be extremely useful during tough boss fights as you won't be the only target of their attacks.

However, some Spirit Ashes are better than others, so today we're going to look at the ones you absolutely can't miss!

Top 15 Spirit Substances in the Ring of Elden

Each of these Spirit Ashes was selected based on their suitability in different combat situations.

We cover everything you need to know about each one, including how to find them!

If you're ready to meet your spectral friends, here's our list of the 15 best spirits in the Ring of Elden:

15.Raya Lucaria soldat

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (1)

From our list we have the Raya Lucaria Soldier Spirit Ashes which allows you to summon three soldiers.

This is a summon most players will use at some point, as it has an excellent mix of ranged and melee attacks.

These summoned soldiers are also incredibly aggressive, meaning they are good at distracting the caster.

After summoning these troops, players can retreat and unleash a host of magical or ranged attacks without putting themselves in immediate danger.

To use this summon you must be near a rebuilt monument and it will cost 59 FP and 1 HP.

Soldier Ray Lucaria's ashes can be found in a coffin at the end of the catacombs at the end of the road.

Although this means you can get them quite early, there are a lot of fanged imps here, so be careful!

That said, even offline, these soldiers make the Elden ring feel like one of thembest multiplayer games for ps5because they are so useful!

14.Tricia perfumes

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (2)

Then we have a summon that, instead of attacking enemies, is used to support players and polish their skills.

Tricia's Perfume can be extremely useful as she can cast a shield on players that will negate 90% of incoming attacks.

He can do this multiple times during battle while increasing the player's attack power by 10% for 40 seconds.

Because she can make players more powerful while protecting them from devastating damage, Tricia stands out as one of the best Spirit Ashes.

But to get this ash, you have to go to the nasty catacombs of the Atlus Plateau.

Here you will have to beatTricia perfumesand the Misbegotten Warrior, two field bosses that can be incredibly tough.

Once these bosses are defeated, you will receive Spirit Ashes, which will allow you to summon Tricia to aid you in the battle.

13.Soldiers of the Mausoleum

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (3)

These Spirit Ashes can summon five headless warriors, but their lack of heads does not affect their ability to fight!

Although these Mausoleum Troopers cost 75 FP to summon, they have the power to help you take on even the toughest bosses.

If you've ever fought enemies of the Mausoleum Soldiers around the world, you know how tough these soldiers can be!

To find these Spirit Ashes, find a small dead tree on the edge of a cliff in the Deeproot Depths.

(Video) Top 8 BEST Spirit Ashes Better Than Mimic Tear! (RANKED) Elden Ring

This location is easily reached by heading north from the Nameless Eternal City until you reach the northernmost location.

Keep in mind that you'll have to fight your way through some pretty tough enemies, so be prepared!

12.dogridder flea

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (4)

Standing out as the most aggressive summon in the Elden Ring, Bloodhound Knight Floh is an absolute beast in battle.

Sic this knight on any ofthe hardest bosses in the Ring of Eldenand he will go to town while you stay in the safe zone.

Unfortunately, due to his aggressiveness, he will likely be defeated quickly, especially against higher level enemies.

That said, when he's around, he can do quite a bit of damage and give you the ability to heal or set up some devastating shots.

While Floh behaves similarly to Bloodhound bosses, it can also stun enemies and cause susceptible individuals to lose blood.

To get this power for yourself, you must defeat the Red Wolf Master in Gelmir's Heroes' Tomb.

After defeating the Red Wolf, he will release these Breath Ashes for you to unleash on anyone who stands in your way!

11.Oracle's Emissary

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (5)

Of allthe best video games everElden Ring features some of the strangest characters out there.

This is very true of the Oracle's Messenger's Spiritual Ashes, which look like spherical lumps with molten faces.

However, don't judge a book by its cover, as this call can be very useful in many situations.

Oracle Spirit Ashes Enboy summons four Spirits of the Oracle's Messenger, which are very aggressive with ranged attacks.

Although they require 72 FP to summon, they can be good for extra damage against tough enemies.

Their main drawback is that their ranged attacks are quite slow, so they shouldn't be used as primary damage dealers.

Instead, they are best suited as support for melee users with strong builds that can do the most damage.

These spirit ashes can be found near the mercy seat in the city of Haligtree, on the other side of the eastern ladder, and through several giant emissaries.

10.Azula's Beastmen

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (6)

Costing 102 RP, these Spirit Ashes allow players to summon two spirits of Azula Beatman that can easily stun multiple enemies.

Powerful, terrifying and relentlessly aggressive, these Beastmen spirits relentlessly attack enemies until they are destroyed.

The main downside to this summon is that you won't be able to get them until later in the game, limiting where they can be used.

But once you get them, summoning Azula Beastman can be one of the most useful in the entire game.

To get these Spirit Ashes, go to the bottom of the Dragon Temple pageFarum Azula crumblesareal.

There you can venture into the farthest depths, where you can find ashes in the farthest sarcophagus.

Remember that there are three Banished Knights here, which can be difficult to fight if you are not prepared.

9.Skeleton militsmand

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (7)

Skeleton militias are often found when harvesting for deathroot, as they are usually protected by necromancers.

(Video) Whatever, Let's Rank the Spirit Ashes...

Fortunately, these Spirit Ashes allow you to summon two of your own Skeleton Militia to fight alongside you!

What makes this summon so awesome is that when they are defeated, they will respawn after a short time.

While they aren't the strongest in terms of damage, the fact that they keep coming back makes them incredibly useful.

What's more, using Spirit Ashes only costs 44 RP, making them one of the cheapest in the game.

To get these Spirit Ashes in the Ring of Elden, defeat Tibia Mariner, the field boss in Summonwater Village.

You will find this boss moving back and forth on their boat and when you kill them they will drop this ash along with the Deathroot.

With these ashes, you can really play Elden Ring as one of thembest RPG games for PS5and make your dreams of becoming a necromancer come true!

8.Exiled Knight Oleg

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (8)

The banished knights are some of the toughest enemies in the Ring of Elden, and if they hit you, they'll hit you like a truck!

Fortunately, these Spirit Ashes allow you to bring one over to your side, giving your enemies a taste of their own medicine.

Although it costs 100 FP to summon Exiled Knight Oleg, he is incredibly agile and has a powerful jump attack that can stun enemies.

Oleg also boasts better AI than the Exile Knights you fight around the world, allowing him to be much more effective.

Unfortunately, because Oleg is such a powerful summoned spirit, you'll have to defeat one of the toughest bosses to get it.

To get started, go to the Fringefolk Hero's Grave using the 2 Stone Sword Keys on the Imp Stone Key next to the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace.

This will take you to a mini dungeon full of ghosts and traps that you will have to overcome and avoid.

Eventually, you'll encounter the Ulcer Tree Spirit boss, who will drop these Spirit Ashes and Gold Seed when defeated.

7.A lone wolf

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (9)

This is probably one of the first substances you get in the Elden Ring, and unfortunately it is often replaced prematurely by players.

However, lone wolf ash has the potential to be one of the best summons in the game if you upgrade it properly.

Not only do these ashes only cost 55 RP to use, but they summon a pack of 3 wolves, each with independent health bars.

The wolves will all work as a team and all have a decent amount of HP to stay alive for a while.

Also, these good guys move very quickly in battle, allowing them to deal a lot of damage without getting hit.

These ashes are given to the player by Ranni, in the guise of Renna, in Elleh's Church in Limgrave.

If for some reason you missed this opportunity, Spirit Summoning Bell and Ashes can be purchased from Twin Maiden Husks in the Round Table Keep.

Howbest dog pokemon, these good guys should not be deleted as they can be useful throughout the game!

6.Radahn's soldiers

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (10)

This summon, which costs 71 FP, summons two soldiers from Radahn, complete with shields and fire-based weapons.

These guys are some of the best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring to use against bosses as they have very high defense.

During boss fights, Radahn's soldiers can often outlast many other Spirit Ashes and provide more help.

(Video) Complete Elden Ring Guide: All Spirit Summon Locations Uncovered

Unfortunately, when used outside of the boss arena, these soldiers tend to wander around, constantly looking for new targets.

While this can be a little annoying, in a tough fight they can definitely help keep you alive by taking a lot of heat.

To get these Spirit Ashes, go to the Catacombs of War located at the northern end of Radahns Arena.

Go up the stairs to the first room and turn left when you get to the end and enter the corridor.

When you get to the archer, turn right and then right again at the knight with the greatsword further away.

You can then jump out of the window at the end of the corridor and climb the stairs to the room with the knight.

These ashes will be in this room, although you will have to defeat the knight to get them.

5.Dung-eating puppet

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (11)

Despite its ugly name and appearance, it doesugliest pokemon everlooks cute, Dung Eater is very powerful.

This summon costs 118 FP to cast, but in battle he will wield a powerful greatsword that applies a bleeding effect to enemies.

The Dung Eater also has ranged attacks that allow it to send wrath at enemies, making it effective from a distance.

However, this summon is extremely difficult to obtain and you will have to do things in a specific order.

To begin with, meet Ranni in Ranni's Rise, but do not continue her story.

If you do, you won't be able to receive this call and trust us, you won't miss it!

When you meet Ranni, talk to Seluvis in his town, get Seluvis's Elixir and start progressing through the Dung Eater quest line.

When the dung eater reaches the underground shooting ranges, you will need to give him the potion.

You can then enter Seluvis's secret lab to talk to him, after which he will give you the opportunity to purchase a Dung Eater Doll for 5 Starlight Shards.

It's going to take a lot of work, but it's definitely worth it for one of the most powerful spirit summons in the game!

4.Marionettes Nightmaiden and Swordstress

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (12)

The 97 FP Nightmaiden and Swordstress Puppets are a devastating pair with lightning fast attacks.

Although they don't have much health to begin with, they are fast enough to dodge many of the attacks that come their way.

When they reach +10, these two are truly almost unstoppable, and when they tag enemies in the team, it's a thing of beauty.

They are also capable of knocking enemies, making it easy for players to swoop in and finish them off.

That said, getting this summon is easier said than done as you will have to fight the Night Maiden and Nox Swordstress in the flesh.

If you're prepared, head to Nosella, the Eternal City and climb the main stairs to Fight the Night Maiden.

In the room to the left, fight the Nox Swordstress before going around the building to the left.

Once you've found the chest, go right and go around the building to the left again, where you'll need the Stonesword Key to access the room.

Inside this room will be two Nox Monks along with a chest containing the ashes of the Nightmaiden and Swordstress dolls.

3.Lhutel the Headless

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (13)

(Video) Elden Ring - The Best Spirit Summons In the Game Tier List (You NEED These Spirits)

Lhutel the Headless is a legendary spirit and requires 104 FP to summon her, but she is incredibly powerful!

Not only does Lhutel have high defense, but he can unleash powerful ranged attacks and teleport around the battlefield.

If you invest in leveling this summon, Lhutel can easily tank players while doing a ton of damage.

Her main drawback is that her teleportation ability sometimes makes it difficult for her to cause aggression.

This is because enemies will lose interest when it moves, causing them to turn their attention back to you.

The spectral spears she throws at enemies are no joke, however, and she can take on even the toughest bosses.

To get Lhutel Headless Ashes, go toCatacombs of the Tombon the weeping peninsula.

Here, this ash will be dropped by the Cemetery Shade boss after defeating them and taking their items.

2.Sort Tiche knife

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (14)

There is no doubt that Black Knife Tiche's ash is so powerful that some players even believe she is overpowered.

Using it is like using one of thembest mods for Elden Ringto make the game a little easier, especially the boss fights.

This Spirit Ash summon requires 132 FP, but boasts a black blade infused with the Rune of Death.

Her attacks will deal damage to enemies over time, and in some matches she can often level the player's damage.

While best against single enemies, it can also help distract the player during group fights.

If you use it during boss fights, it can be extremely useful, so much so that it's like using easy mode.

To get this ash, go to the Evergaol leader in southwestern Liurnia and defeat Alecto, the leader of the Black Knife.

Alecto is a tough fight, but it's worth the fight to be able to get this incredibly powerful summon!

1.Mimic tear

Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated) (15)

Given our #1 ranking among the best Spirit Ashes in the Elden ring, we have Mimic Tear.

Requiring 660 HP to use, this summon is unique in that it creates an exact copy of the player.

This includes the player's weapons, armor, spells, enchantments, and talismans, making this summon incredibly powerful.

It also comes with an unlimited supply of ranged ammo and will increase its stats as the player levels up.

This summon can make boss fights a lot easier as you basically want your doppelgänger by your side to fight.

Basically, this call is infinitely powerful as it grows stronger at the same rate as you.

To find these ashes, travel to the Night's Holy Land and open the door to the Imp statue, behind which is a chest with this summon.

If you want the most powerful Spirit Ashes in the game, look no further than Mimic Tear!


We hope you've enjoyed our list of the 15 best Spirit Ashes in the Elden ring, and we hope you've found some new ones to try!

While all of these summons can be useful in combat, some will work better with certain builds than others.

But no matter what build you have, Mimic Tear remains the most powerful summon you can get in the entire game!

(Video) Do Not Use These Spirit Ashes!! (Use These Ones Instead) - Top Best & Worst Elden Ring Summons

Here's a quick rundown of the top 15 spirits in the Elden Ring:

  1. Mimic tear
  2. Sort Tiche knife
  3. Lhutel the Headless
  4. Marionettes Nightmaiden and Swordstress
  5. Dung-eating puppet
  6. Radahn's soldiers
  7. A lone wolf
  8. Exiled Knight Oleg
  9. Skeleton militsmand
  10. Azula's Beastmen
  11. Oracle's Emissary
  12. dogridder flea
  13. Soldiers of the Mausoleum
  14. Tricia perfumes
  15. Raya Lucaria soldat

Which of these spiritual invocations will you use first? Leave a comment below.


Top 15 Spirit Drugs in the Elden Ring (Rated)? ›

Hailed as the best summon in Elden Ring, Mimic Tear, er, mimics your current character, creating a clone of yourself with all your stats, weapons, and gear equipped. Depending on how your character's built, Mimic Tear can dish out a lot of damage and can survive brutal attacks from Elden Ring bosses once upgraded.

Who is the strongest spirit in Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring: 15 Strongest Spirit Ash Summons, Ranked
  1. 1 Mimic Tear.
  2. 2 Lhutel The Headless. ...
  3. 3 Black Knife Tiche. ...
  4. 4 Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff. ...
  5. 5 Omenkiller Rollo. ...
  6. 6 Latenna The Albinauric. ...
  7. 7 Redmane Knight Ogha. ...
  8. 8 Banished Knight Oleg. ...
Aug 18, 2022

What is the best spirit bell summon in Elden Ring? ›

Here are the 10 best Spirit Summon Ashes in Elden Ring you can call upon, ranked in order of usefulness:
  1. Mimic Tear.
  2. Lhutel the Headless. ...
  3. Banished Knight Oleg. ...
  4. Finger Maiden Therolina (puppet) ...
  5. Dung Eater (puppet) ...
  6. Nepheli Loux (puppet) ...
  7. Latenna the Albinauric. ...
  8. Rotten Stray. ...
May 5, 2023

What is the most popular summon in Elden Ring? ›

Hailed as the best summon in Elden Ring, Mimic Tear, er, mimics your current character, creating a clone of yourself with all your stats, weapons, and gear equipped. Depending on how your character's built, Mimic Tear can dish out a lot of damage and can survive brutal attacks from Elden Ring bosses once upgraded.

Who is the tankiest spirit ash? ›

Elden Ring: Lhutel the Headless Ashes location

Lhutel the Headless is Elden Ring's best tank Spirit Summon, as she's equipped with heavy armor and a greatshield. She can also throw her spear for solid ranged damage and will constantly teleport around enemies, making it difficult for them to hit her.

Who is the strongest demi god in Elden Ring? ›

General Radahn is generally considered by most Elden Ring characters as the strongest demigod, except it seems even the strongest don't always win.

Why won't Renna spawn? ›

There are three reasons why Renna may not be appearing in Elden Ring: She leaves if players haven't visited her after a certain amount of time after triggering her appearance. The trigger to make her appear hasn't fired. She's supposed to appear, but a bug is preventing it.

What spirit is best for radagon Elden Ring? ›

RELATED: Elden Ring: How To Beat Night's CavalryThe best Spirit Ashes to use in this fight are single-summons that can move quickly enough to avoid most of his attacks. Black Knife Tiche is a great choice for this fight as she is exceptionally fast and has a good mix of strong melee moves and reliable ranged attacks.

What is the tankiest ashes in Elden Ring? ›

Lhutel the Headless is arguably the best tanking summon you'll find in the game. She won't dish out as much damage as some other spirit ashes, but the sheer survivability of this ally is unmatched.

What are the best spirit ashes? ›

Elden Ring: 10 Best Spirit Ashes, Ranked
  • 8 Lone Wolf.
  • 7 Nepheli Loux.
  • 6 Aurelia (Jellyfish)
  • 5 Dung Eater.
  • 4 Stormhawk Deenh.
  • 3 Banished Knight Oleg.
  • 2 Black Knife Tiche.
  • 1 Mimic Tear Ashes.
Dec 3, 2022

What is the 1st summon in Elden Ring? ›

Renna will also give you your first summon: Lone Wolf Ashes. This one summons three large spectral wolves that can pull aggro, distract enemies, or keep a boss occupied while you dish out damage.

What is the easiest spirit ash to get? ›

Surprisingly, Lhutel is one of the easiest Spirit Ashes to find on this list. Simply go to the Tombsward Catacombs, a relatively early-game dungeon in the Weeping Peninsula, and kill the Cemetery Shade boss within. You will receive the Lhutel the Headless Spirit Ash as your reward.

What is the best legendary spirit ash? ›

The Black Knife Tiche Summon is one of the best Legendary Ash Spirit Summons in the game. After defeating Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader at the Ringleader's Evergaol in Moonlight Plateau, you will be granted Tiche's Spirit Ashes as a reward.

What spirit ash is best against Godric? ›

The best Spirit Ash to use on Godrick this early in Elden Ring is the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes. You can upgrade this Spirit Summon a few times with Roderika if you complete her questline before taking on Godrick, and its high HP pool and Poison-based abilities make it a very useful ally indeed.

Is Ranni good or bad? ›

Julianna Swickard of CBR also debated whether Ranni was good or evil, arriving at the conclusion that while she was morally grey as a character, her ending was the "best possible outcome" of all the game's endings.

Did Malenia beat Radahn? ›

The battle was considered a draw by most, considering how badly both sides had faired, and because neither Demigod had actually died. That said, it seems that at the end of the day, Malenia was the clear winner. She left Caelid not only alive, but with her sanity intact.

Which 2 demigods are in Elden Ring? ›

The Demigods are major antagonists of the 2022 video game, Elden Ring. They are the children and descendants of Marika and Radagon.

Can you lose the Spirit Calling Bell? ›

If you do not get the Spirit Calling Bell from Renna, she will eventually stop appearing at the Church of Elleh. However, you can try waiting until nightfall at the Church, then open the map and Travel to Stormhill Shack then Travel back and then she should be there again.

Why is the Spirit Calling Bell lady not showing up? ›

If you don't speak to Renna early enough in your journey, she'll eventually stop appearing at the Church of Elleh. If this happens, you'll need to wait until you've reached the Roundtable Hold a bit later in the game where you can then purchase the Spirit Calling Bell from the Twin Husks merchant.

Can you sell the spirit bell? ›

They sell the Spirit Calling Bell for 1,000 runes. Alternatively, the Twin Maiden Husks sell the Spirit Calling Bell for 1,000 runes.

Who is the blue girl in Elden Ring? ›

Renna is an NPC in Elden Ring. Renna is a blue humanoid character that has four arms and two faces. Renna will give you the ability to summon spirits at a specific point in the game. These spirits come in different forms, including magic, Skeletons, Wolves, and many more.

How do you get Lone Wolf Ashes if you miss Renna? ›

If the player missed the opportunity of encountering Renna at the Church of Elleh in Limgrave, the Lone Wolf Ashes and the Spirit Calling Bell can be purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold.

How do you get Renna outfit? ›

Go to Renna's Rise

You will be going north to the other tower called Renna's Rise. There won't be any enemies guarding it, so make your way inside towards the elevator. Ride it up to the next floor, turn around, and open the chest along the wall. Inside the chest will be the Snow Witch armor set.

What is Radahn weak to? ›

Radahn is vulnerable to Frostbite and other status conditions, but especially Scarlet Rot. Rot Pots and arrows tinged with Scarlet Rot are good options if you want to take advantage of status effects for this fight. These weaknesses remain even in phase two.

What is Godfrey weak to? ›

Godfrey is weak to slash damage:If possible, using weapons like katanas and curved swords will see you doing extra damage here. All Physical damage types, along with Lightning, Magic, and Fire are also effective.

What is Elden Beast weakness? ›

Holy damage will heal them, so avoid using it completely, and they have resistance to all status effects, meaning the Elden Beast weakness is pure physical damage. They also have a weak spot on their stomach which you can aim for to deal more damage.

What is the biggest hand enemy in Elden Ring? ›

The Colossal Fingercreeper is a Wildlife Creature in Elden Ring. Colossal Fingercreepers are the largest variants of the Fingercreeper enemy and are incredibly strong to compensate.

What is the toughest shield in Elden Ring? ›

Even though the Fingerprint Stone Shield is one of the heaviest shields in Elden Ring, and even requires 48 Strength, it's a viable pick for any strength-heavy build. It boasts great defenses, 100% Physical block, and can hold its own against the most Stamina-reducing attacks.

What is the strongest base damage in Elden Ring? ›

Top 5 Highest Damage Strength Weapons in Elden Ring
  • 4) Ruins Greatsword.
  • Attack Rating = 857 (303 + 554)
  • 3) Heavy Greatsword.
  • Attack Rating = 874 (349 + 525)
  • 2) Prelate's Heavy Inferno Crozier.
  • Attack Rating = 918 (332 + 586)
  • 1) Heavy Giant-Crusher.
  • Attack Rating = 947 (330 + 617)
Mar 22, 2022

What spirit ash is best for godskin? ›

The best Spirit Ashes to use against the Godskin Duo are those that spawn multiple allies, like the Greatshield Soldier ashes, or that can put one of the bosses to sleep, like Dolores the Sleeping Arrow. Multiple summons will split to distract one of the Godskins and help you focus down the other at the same time.

What are the rarest spirit ashes in Elden Ring? ›

The Dung Eater Puppet is one of the rarest Elite Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring, but also one of the best. A solid tank, he'll inflict bleed on enemies he strikes, building up the status well for builds that also rely on it. He also curses enemies, reducing their resistance against various other status effects.

What spirit ash is best against Elden beast? ›

The best Spirit Ash to take into this fight is theoretically the Mimic Tear, but that depends on the strength of one's build. For those who would prefer to avoid the Mimic Tear, choose a Spirit Ash with high mobility and evasiveness, like Black Knife Tiche or Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff.

Who can you summon for Melania? ›

Malenia, Blade of Miquella Boss in Elden Ring

Multiplayer is allowed for this boss. Spirit Ashes can be summoned for this boss.

Can millicent be summoned for melania? ›

In the Forbidden Lands, Millicent can be summoned to aid you against the Black Blade Kindred boss. She'll then appear by the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace in the Mountaintop of the Giants. Here she'll say that she's searching for the Haligtree to look for Malenia.

What is the most tanky spirit in Elden Ring? ›

Lhutel the Headless is arguably the best tanking summon you'll find in the game. She won't dish out as much damage as some other spirit ashes, but the sheer survivability of this ally is unmatched.

What is the spirit boss in Elden Ring? ›

Ancestor Spirit is a Great Enemy Boss in Elden Ring. This animated carcass of a deer-like creature is encountered in the Hallowhorn Grounds found in Siofra River. This is an optional boss, as players don't need to defeat it in order to advance in Elden Ring.

What spirit is best for Margit Elden Ring? ›

Spirit Summons, while not essential, are a helpful tool if only to keep Margit distracted while you close in for an attack. Jellyfish, which you obtain by speaking to Roderika at Stormhill Shack several times, and Wolf Pack, the default summon, are the best choices for this fight.

What is the hardest Elden Ring enemy? ›

The Revenant is by far the most dangerous enemy in Elden Ring. At no point in the game should you feel comfortable when encountering this abomination. The Revenant enemy is relentless. It hits fast and hard, quickly repositioning before diving back in for a series of lethal blows.

What are the three spirits weak to Elden Ring? ›

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit bears a crippling weakness to Fire damage. As such, players must utilize Fire damage against this optional boss whenever possible. They can do this by using weapon skills, spells, and items capable of inflicting Fire damage.

Who is the secret boss in Elden? ›

Deep under the stalwart defenses of Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring lies a hidden crypt housing an Ulcerated Tree Spirit, also known as the "Root Monster." Slaying this boss will reward Tarnished adventurers with a Golden Seed, the valuable resource required for upgrading Flasks.

What is Elden beast weakness? ›

Holy damage will heal them, so avoid using it completely, and they have resistance to all status effects, meaning the Elden Beast weakness is pure physical damage. They also have a weak spot on their stomach which you can aim for to deal more damage.

What is the hardest boss in Elden souls? ›

The list is unsurprisingly topped by the infamously difficult Elden Ring boss Malenia, whose encounter was attempted some 329 million times, thus accounting for 5.5% of all in-game boss fights the players initiated to date.

What spirit is best for Godrick? ›

The best Spirit Ash to use on Godrick this early in Elden Ring is the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes. You can upgrade this Spirit Summon a few times with Roderika if you complete her questline before taking on Godrick, and its high HP pool and Poison-based abilities make it a very useful ally indeed.

How much HP does Godfrey have? ›

Godfrey, First Elden Lord
LocationLeyndell, Ashen Capital
300,000 Remembrance of Hoarah Loux
2 more rows
Apr 3, 2023

How much HP does Godrick have? ›

Godrick the Grafted
LocationStormveil Castle
Drops20,000 (NG) 5,000 (NG, Co-op) Godrick's Great Rune Remembrance of the Grafted
Strong VS HolyWeaker to Standard Slash Strike Pierce
1 more row
Apr 16, 2023

What spirits are best for Morgott? ›

To make this boss fight much easier, we recommend using the Lone Wolves spirit ash. As you can see in Ollie's footage above, the wolves will keep Morgott busy with constant attacks and occasionally cause the boss to stagger.


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Job: Manufacturing Technician

Hobby: Table tennis, Archery, Vacation, Metal detecting, Yo-yoing, Crocheting, Creative writing

Introduction: My name is Carlyn Walter, I am a lively, glamorous, healthy, clean, powerful, calm, combative person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.