Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (2023)

Although we're all coffee lovers here who can't imagine starting the day with anything other than a freshly brewed cup, it's nice to treat yourself to an afternoon treat or a quick snack once in a while.

Trying to find a drink that offers our dose of caffeine but isn't necessarily a traditional coffee option isn't always easy, especially if you're in town or out and about where you can easily reach into your own fridge.

Starbucks offers a convenient option for today's cheat at one of its chain locations, which can easily be found in most corners of the city. If you want to enjoy something other than coffee, have you tried Starbucks air freshener? These drinks come in a variety of flavors and are made with green coffee extract, real fruit juice and sweeteners such as sugar or stevia.

Each large Starbucks Refresher contains 45mg of caffeine, making them the perfect drink that doesn't give you the same jolt of a classic espresso. Compared to the Grande Iced Coffee, which contains 165 mg of caffeine, the Starbucks Refresher can give you enough energy without feeling overcaffeinated. They are also low in calories and an excellent order if you are on a diet or watching what you drink. Although fewer calories doesn't always mean health! Be sure to enjoy these treats in moderation so that health is the top priority in your daily life.

Interesting facts about Starbucks air fresheners

Contains caffeine

Starbucks Refresher contains 45 mg of caffeine - the equivalent of a medium cup of coffee. This may surprise unsuspecting consumers, especially those ordering air fresheners for children, as cool and refreshing fruit flavored drinks may seem like an innocent choice. Keep in mind that these drinks contain caffeine, so buyers should exercise caution when buying for little ones.

Three different refreshing versions

The regular version is sweetened with lemonade, and the vegan option is made with coconut milk.

Starbucks "Coconutmilk" version

Starbucks has created its own unique blend of coconut milk, aptly named "coconut milk".

Freeze-dried fruit

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (1)

Each Refresher is made from a combination of freeze-dried fruit pieces called "inclusions". Depending on the size, each drink gets a heaping scoop (or two) to guarantee maximum taste! If you're feeling adventurous, just ask for extra inclusion.

Give your hand

Air fresheners are prepared by shaking them vigorously with ice cubes. This shaking technique helps create a frothy and creamy texture.

Reduce the amount of water for a stronger flavor

The Starbucks Refresher base is a concentrated blend of fruit flavors for a strong and delicious taste. Order Freshener with less water, lemonade or coconut milk for an even better taste.

Four drink sizes to choose from

Starbucks air fresheners offer their customers a wide range of sizes to choose from. The tall size holds 12 ounces of beverage, the large size holds 16 ounces, the venti size holds 24 ounces, and the trenta holds 30 ounces of beverage.

Several drinks were interrupted

Starbucks has discontinued its Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher and Kiwi Starfruit Refresher drinks. These popular drinks are no longer available.

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Our favorite refreshing drinks - ranking

1. Acai Strawberry Lemonade

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (2)

Strawberry Acai Lemonade is a delicious and refreshing drink that perfectly quenches your thirst on a hot summer day. It is made with strawberry acai and sweetened with lemonade and freeze-dried strawberries. Each grande size contains 45mg of caffeine and 140 calories and 32g of sugar. This drink is sure to give you the perfect energy boost to get you through the day!

2. Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (3)

This Starbucks Refresher drink is a sweet and refreshing drink that gives you a good dose of energy. Each large serving contains 45 mg of caffeine, 140 calories and 30 grams of sugar. The combination of Mango Dragonfruit Refresher's base with lemonade and freeze-dried dragon fruit pieces creates an exotic flavor that can't be beat. This drink takes a solid second place on the list of the best refreshing drinks.

3. Pink drink

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (4)

One of the most popular refreshing drinks out there is the Pink Drink. It is made with strawberry acai, mixed with coconut milk and freeze-dried strawberries and finished with ice cream. The drink provides 45mg of caffeine in each large cup, accompanied by 140 calories and 24g of sugar. The pink drink used to be a hidden feature on the menu, but was eventually added to the official list, showing that it has become one of the most beloved choices among customers. Its blend of natural fruit flavors provides a sweet yet refreshing flavor that undeniably makes it a staple in people's orders.

4. Refreshing strawberry acai

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (5)

Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refresher is a refreshing drink perfect for an afternoon drink. It is made with their signature vegan friendly Strawberry Acai base which has a delicious fruity taste. To further enhance the taste, freeze-dried strawberries are added to give it extra sweetness and a pleasant texture. The drink is then finished with water and ice and served cold.

This drink contains 45 milligrams of caffeine in each size, so it will give you enough energy for the day without being overwhelming. With only 90 calories, it's a healthier alternative to other high-calorie drinks, while still having plenty of flavor. The large size contains 20 grams of sugar, making it sweet without being too sweet - perfect for those looking for a lighter taste.

5. Drage drink

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (6)

Dragon Drink from Starbucks is a refreshing way to start the day. It's made with a refreshing Mango Dragonfruit base that's mixed with coconut milk and then topped with the sweet taste of freeze-dried dragonfruit pieces. The total caffeine content of this amazing drink is 45 milligrams, 130 calories and 23 grams of sugar. If you prefer less sweet, you can add a little water for fewer calories and less sugar. The combination of flavors in Dragon Drink tempts your taste buds and gives an energizing boost.

6. Mango Dragonfruit air freshener

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (7)

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Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Refresher is a delicious, fruity drink that offers a great way to get an energy boost. With a whopping 45 milligrams of caffeine and 90 calories, Mango Dragonfruit Refresher is the perfect drink for those looking for an energizing drink without being overloaded with sugar – it only contains 19 grams! The iced drink combines Starbucks' signature refreshing base with water and freeze-dried dragon fruit pieces for an extra burst of fruity flavor. It is a good choice for those who need a light yet energizing drink with many flavors.

7. Passion fruit and pineapple lemonade

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (8)

Nothing could be more refreshing on those hot summer days than an ice-cold passion fruit and pineapple lemonade. This drink boasts a unique combination of lemonade and a refreshing base of pineapple and passion fruit, giving it a distinctive sweet and sour taste.

Each large serving contains 45 milligrams of caffeine and 140 calories, while providing 30 grams of sugar to give already tart flavors a little extra sweetness. The addition of freeze-dried pineapple gives this drink a lovely texture that refreshes with every sip. Although pineapple and passion fruit lemonade is not as popular as some other refreshing drinks, it is the perfect way to quench your thirst while enjoying the hot summer weather.

8. Paradise drink

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (9)

Paradise Drink from Starbucks is the perfect way to beat the summer heat. This delicious concoction combines ice cream, Starbucks signature pineapple and refreshing passion fruit base, coconut milk and freeze-dried pineapple for an exotic taste unlike any other. With 45mg of caffeine in a generous size, it's enough energy to get you through the day.

Paradise drink contains 140 calories and 23g of sugar per serving, making it a good choice for those looking for something sweet but not too sweet. The addition of the Paradise Drink to the Starbucks menu in 2022 brought a refreshing new option that customers quickly fell in love with.

9. Refreshing passion fruit pineapple

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (10)

When it comes to the tastiest and most refreshing drinks, Starbucks Passion Fruit Pineapple Freshener tops the list. This bright drink combines a refreshing base of pineapple and passion fruit, ice cream and freeze-dried pineapple chunks. With 45mg of caffeine in each portion, this drink gives you the right amount of energy without sacrificing taste.

Each grande also contains 100 calories and 19g of sugar, making it a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without overdoing it. For those looking for a tropical escape in their cup, this drink is sure to bring a breath of paradise with its key ingredients pineapple and passion fruit inspired by traditional pineapple popsicles. The sharp acidity of passion fruit combined with the sweetness of pineapple creates an unforgettable taste that will leave you feeling revitalized and full of energy!

Secret menu of refreshing drinks

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (11)

Secret menu drinks are becoming increasingly popular on social media, but if you don't know the recipe for each drink, baristas may not be able to prepare them for you. To get the secret drink menu you want, you need to specify the exact ingredients and tweaks you want to make the perfect drink. These drinks are made with a combination of regular Starbucks drinks and additional elements such as syrups and toppings to make them unique.

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10. Pink Tiktok drink

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (12)

Tiktok Pink Drink is a delicious and popular secret menu item at Starbucks. This specialty drink uses Pink Drink, which combines sweet strawberries and creamy coconut milk as a base.

To liven it up, customers can request clotted cream instead of coconut milk and two scoops of vanilla powder to shake for extra flavor. Finally, whipped cream is added on top - completing this indulgent refresher!

To order this amazing drink, simply ask for the Grande Pink Drink with a dash of clotted cream and two scoops of powdered vanilla. Finally, garnish generously with whipped cream for the perfect taste.

11. Pink TikTok Matcha drink

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (13)

This deliciously refreshing drink starts with a pink drink (passion fruit, acai and guarana). It is then customized with a special topping - a sweet vanilla cream cold foam mixed with a spoonful of matcha green tea powder for extra flavor.

What's more, ordering this tasty delicacy is easy - just ask for the Grande Pink Drink with a cold foam of sweet vanilla cream mixed with a scoop of matcha!

12. Strawberry-pink drink in chocolate

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (14)

A drink with strawberry pink chocolate from Starbucks' secret menu can provide a delicious and unique drinking experience. This drink starts with the Grande Pink Drink, which has a fruity sweet combination of refreshing strawberry acai and coconut milk.

To this base is added cold vanilla foam, sweet cream, expertly blended with two portions of mocha sauce for added richness, creating an indulgent treat. Creamy foam combined with the slight sweetness of strawberry and cocoa make this drink a tempting option when you need refreshment.

13. TikTok sunset drink

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (15)

This delicious drink starts with Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade and comes with extras - no dragon fruit inclusions and a dash of peach juice mix. To top it off, Iced Passion Tango Tea is layered for a refreshing sweetness.

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When you order this drink, simply ask for the amazing Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade without the dragon fruit pieces, plus an extra portion of peach juice mix. Finish your drink with refreshing Iced Passion Tango Tea. The combination of these carefully selected ingredients creates a truly exquisite summer drink that is delicious and unique!

14. Rose gold TikTok air freshener

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (16)

This custom drink is made with Mango Dragonfruit air freshener as a base and then modified with a few additives.

When you order, ask for the large version without water or inclusions, then add peach juice and two pumps each of classic syrup and raspberry syrup. The result is a fruity concoction that will tickle your taste buds! The combination of mango, dragon fruit, peach, classic syrup and raspberry syrup creates an unforgettable taste experience.

15. Material girl

Ranking of the best Starbucks air fresheners (17)

Material Girl is a special drink available at Starbucks that starts with the popular Pink drink. White mocha sauce and sweet creamy vanilla foam mixed with strawberry puree sauce are added to customize it.

This refreshing drink is easy to order. Just ask for the Grande Pink Drink with a splash of white mocha sauce, followed by a sweet vanilla cream cold foam that has been mixed with strawberry puree. The combination of these ingredients creates a unique flavor profile that is delicious and visually appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there differences in the amount of caffeine in Starbucks Refreshers and iced tea?

Yes, there is a difference in the caffeine content of Grande Refreshers (45mg) and Grande Iced Black Tea (25mg).

Can I add inclusion to every drink at Starbucks?

Yes, you can add inclusions such as frozen and dried fruit to your iced or milk drink.

Can you get a Starbucks air freshener without caffeine?

Unfortunately, the Refresher bases contain green coffee extract, so you can't make a decaffeinated drink out of them. However, you can ask for less caffeine by asking for fewer scoops of green coffee extract in your drink.

Do any of Starbucks air fresheners contain dairy?

No, all air fresheners are made from fruit juice and water, so they contain no dairy products. If you want your drink to have a creamier consistency, add non-dairy or non-dairy milk such as coconut milk or plant-based milk (soy, almond). You can also ask for cold foam mixed with non-dairy syrups, such as hazelnut or caramel, if desired.

Can you get a "secret menu" at Starbucks?

Yes! Some customers create their own custom drinks and give them unique names. If you know the recipe for any of these drinks, you can ask your barista to make it for you! Not all Starbucks locations know the secret menu items, so be sure to provide detailed instructions on how to make the drink.

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Do secret menu items contain nutritional information?

Unfortunately not. Since each drink is a special customer creation and not an officially listed product, very limited nutritional information is available. If you want more information about the ingredients in a particular drink, you can always ask your barista for more information.


Is Starbucks giving air fresheners? ›

Starbucks is giving away air fresheners in a surprise deal just for drive-thru customers. On Thursday, Starbucks baristas will begin giving drive-thru customers who order a holiday drink an air freshener inspired by the chain's Peppermint Mocha.

How can I make my car smell like Starbucks? ›

Simply take wedding favor bags or a sock and fill it with coffee beans or even brewed coffee and place it anywhere in your car. This way your car can smell like coffee all the time. Or you can try Airpro Classics in Coffee. Another hack to make your car smell good is to use baking soda.

How do I choose an air freshener? ›

Choose the air freshener that smells like the ideal version of itself. Choose the scents for different rooms- It is very important to choose a type of scent according to the room. For example, choose a sanitizing blend for the washrooms. Lemon or rose based could be great that you can choose for the hotel rooms.

What is the number 1 best smell? ›

Best Smells In the World
  • 1 Fresh Air. Fresh air sums up all the smells I like: rain, earth, flowers, pines trees (Piney wood east texan here), meadows full of Indian paintbrush and black-eyed Susans, blue sky, among other things. ...
  • 2 Vanilla. ...
  • 3 Coffee. ...
  • 4 Barbecue. ...
  • 5 Campfires. ...
  • 6 Rain. ...
  • 7 Bacon. ...
  • 8 Melted Chocolate.

What is the most popular smell in the world? ›

Vanilla may be the world's most popular scent, but you'll find these five scent categories anywhere you run off to.

How does Starbucks smell so good? ›

The smell is indicative of the many beans ground fresh every day. Starbucks has many different flavours of coffee and grinding them fresh is why the smell is so different from other coffee shops.

Why is Starbucks removing outlets? ›

So I spoke with a guy I know at Starbucks, who confirmed they've been removing outlets to make their stores more of a “buy and run” experience rather than a “buy and stay as long as you like” experience. Others in the industry have started following suit.

Why can't Starbucks employees wear perfume? ›

No Nail Polish or Perfume

Starbucks workers are not permitted to wear nail polish, perfumes, or any other types of fragrant products that have the potential to chip off into the food or compromise the customer experience in any way.

How do dealerships make cars smell so good? ›

The words "That New Car Smell" are emblazoned in big letters on the can. Ozium was created in the 1940s as a sanitizing spray, but it eventually caught on with car people. Dealerships use it to freshen used cars. Car detailers use it.

What do dealerships use to make cars smell good? ›

Original Factory Scent™ is widely used by Car Dealerships and Auto Auctions to improve the desirability of vehicles to their customers. Used car managers are using this product to reduce smoke odor, improve the marketability of used cars, and move cars off the lot at a quicker rate.

Why can't I smell my air freshener? ›

Have you ever wondered why after a few weeks you can't smell the air freshener in your house or car as much or when people say they like your perfume even though you can't smell it? This phenomenon goes by many names, like Olfactory fatigue or olfactory adaptation.

Which smells better Glade or Air Wick? ›

If you prefer a more intense aroma, the Air Wick would likely be the better choice for you. However, if you want a soft, subtle fragrance, the Glade will likely meet your needs well.

Where is the best place to put an air freshener? ›

In addition to placing odor control dispensers near or above entrances, manufacturers recommend placing them close to the source of restroom odors. “The most critical element is making sure you place the dispenser near the most odorous areas in restrooms, which are typically by the toilets and urinals,” says Kim.

What is the prettiest smell? ›

Vanilla. Vanilla is a universally popular scent that both men and women wear. There is something seductive and playful about the sweet smell. The vanilla aroma is comforting and attractive at the same time.

What is the most selling fragrance? ›

The top 5 of the most popular fragrances
  • Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.
  • Sauvage by Dior.
  • No. 5 by Chanel.
  • Miss Dior by Dior.
  • Aventus by Creed.
Oct 26, 2022

What is a scent that everyone likes? ›

vanilla! That's right. Turns out that the safe, reliable choice is safe and reliable for good reason. Second came a fruity odour which smells like peaches because, let's be honest, who doesn't like the smell of peaches?

What smell do humans like the most? ›

And according to the results, vanilla is the most pleasing smell around, followed by ethyl butyrate, which smells like peaches. Artin Arshamian, researcher at Karolinska and one of the study's authors, said humans may have similar olfactory preferences because it helped early humans survive.

What is America's favorite smell? ›

Vanilla just so happens to be America's most popular flavor, so it makes sense as to why this scent is so high up on the list.

What is the most recognizable smell in America? ›

Do you have a complete list of the most recognizable smells poll?
  • Coffee.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Vicks VapoRub.
  • Chocolate.
  • Wintergreen oil.
  • Baby powder.
  • Cigarette butts.
  • Mothballs.

What is Starbucks most popular flavor? ›

It's no surprise that Starbucks hazelnut bianco latte is one of the most popular coffee flavors.

Why do 5 star hotels smell so good? ›

It's all thanks to a clever gizmo known as an HVAC scent diffuser. These are ultra-quiet attachments to heating/air conditioning systems that use high amounts of air pressure to deliver nanoparticles of scented oils uniformly around a room, area, or building.

Why can't Starbucks keep bathrooms open? ›

But allowing free access to its bathrooms often puts a burden on Starbucks employees. In 2011, The New York Times reported on baristas who went rogue by locking store bathrooms because they were “tired of customers — and noncustomers — leaving bathrooms messy or worse.”

Why are Starbucks really closing? ›

Now, one California Starbucks is shuttering its doors, citing safety conditions it claims are posing a threat to baristas. Earlier this week, Starbucks' Land Park store closed due to "neighborhood safety concerns," according to The Sacramento Bee.

Why has Starbucks been running out of everything? ›

Starbucks Calls the Shortages Temporary

Grocery stores, restaurants and retailers have struggled to meet demand, partly because of constrained supplies and sometimes because the pandemic has made forecasting demand a challenge.

What is the 12 hour policy at Starbucks? ›

In December 2022, Starbucks implemented a policy where its workers are mandated to work a minimum of 12 hours a week, according to the Starbucks Partner Policy. Store managers are required to schedule each Starbucks worker at least 12 hours a week “based on the needs of the business.”

Does Starbucks allow dyed hair? ›

Starbucks employees are allowed to change their hairstyle, but it must be a permanent change — meaning, you can dye your hair, but you can't style it with temporary hair glitter. Also, you've likely never seen a Starbucks employee with multiple facial piercings.

Why can't Starbucks employees wear watches? ›

No, watches are generally not allowed. No, no jewelry and you wouldn't want to because you're constantly covered in sticky, I wouldn't even bring my phone on the floor if I were you. No, all hand and wrist accessories are a potential food safety hazard.

How can I make my car smell luxurious? ›

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Car Smell Better
  1. Use Dryer Sheets. Everyone loves the smell of clean laundry, and now you can smell it even when it's not laundry day in your household. ...
  2. Try Coffee Beans. ...
  3. Essential Oil + Cotton Balls. ...
  4. Essential Oil + Clay Disk. ...
  5. Essential Oil + Baking Soda.
Jun 29, 2020

What is the secret of new car smell? ›

The classic new-car smell is a byproduct of a chemical process known as off-gassing—a term that doesn't sound particularly appealing. The root cause is attributable to the many plastics and adhesives used in a modern car's interior.

How do I get the true new car smell? ›

How to really get new car smell back
  1. Get rid of any trash, clutter, or unnecessary items that are taking up space in your car.
  2. Vacuum all the upholstery and floorboards to remove any odor-causing particles. ...
  3. Wash all the soft surfaces in your car with a specialized cleaning product that is safe for your car's interior.
Jul 29, 2022

What is the number 1 car freshener? ›

Febreze Air Freshener Vent Clips earn the top spot in our roundup thanks to their unobtrusive design, effective odor, and long-lasting performance. These compact air fresheners clip onto the vents of your car's dashboard. The airflow from the vents helps to circulate the scent throughout your entire car.

What kills car odor? ›

Baking Soda

This abrasive and alkaline powder consumes odors and can help blanch stains. It's simple to use: Just clean and wet down the stinky area, liberally sprinkle the baking soda on, and let it dry. Then vacuum the dried powder at least a few hours later.

What does Ozium smell like? ›

It smelled like peppermint mixed with transmission oil. Expensive for a small size.

How can I make my room smell luxurious? ›

If you're looking to pick out your own fragrances, here are some luxurious scents you should explore:
  1. Citrus. If you want a lighter, energizing scent that still smells fancy, look no further than citrus. ...
  2. Spices. ...
  3. Wood. ...
  4. Candles. ...
  5. Diffusers. ...
  6. Soap and Lotion.
Jun 10, 2020

What do hotels use to make the room smell good? ›

Good choices for scents in hotels include sandalwood, vanilla, cedar, lemon blossom, citrus, neroli, leather, and white tea. You can then add in less common scents specific to your hotel experience, such as lemon verbena, jasmine, coconut, patchouli, lavender, and more.

How do I make my house smell like an expensive hotel? ›

Reed diffusers are great for keeping your home fragrant while you're away. They disperse scents naturally and do not require heat or electricity. Get a few in the same scent and place them in various rooms to fill your entire place with a luxurious fragrance.

Why you should stop using air fresheners immediately? ›

Air fresheners can impact indoor air quality by adding potentially hazardous pollutants to the air. The use of air fresheners is associated with elevated levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and xylenes, in indoor air.

Does everyone's house have a smell? ›

Lots of things can impact the scent of a home. The owners may have old furniture or pets, be near the ocean, or be baking bread. The types of cleaners they use or how often they vacuum can also impact smell. Every home has a smell, even your's.

How do I know if my house smells? ›

“One of the best methods to tell if your home stinks is to leave it. Go away for a day or two, or even a week,” says Bryan Stoddard, handyman and interior designer. “Close all windows and doors, shut the blinds, and seal the place up air-tight.

Which is the best home air freshener on the market? ›

  • Airwick Summer Delights Freshmatic Complete Kit,
  • Soulflower Potpourri Lavender,
  • Airwick Morning Rose Dew Everfresh Gel Air Freshener,
  • Airwick Lavender Meadows Everfresh Gel Air Freshener,
  • Airwick Lemon Garden Everfresh Gel Air Freshener,
  • Aroma Treasures Electric Diffuser - White + Lemon Grass Oil,

What states don't allow air fresheners? ›

But whatever the reason for the stop, Minnesota is a state in the U.S. where police can stop a driver for having an object dangling from their rearview mirror. Beyond Minnesota, this law is also present in at least five other states: California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Texas.

Why are air fresheners illegal in some states? ›

The air fresheners that dangle from rearview mirrors have been a ubiquitous accessory in cars for decades. But they may be treated as illegal in a majority of states, which have laws prohibiting objects near the windshield that can obstruct motorists' views.

Is it bad to have too many air fresheners? ›

The VOCs most prevalent in air-freshening sprays – acetone, ethanol, and acetate, among others – can all produce nausea and headaches, impaired lung function, eye, nose, and throat irritation; and even damage to the nervous system, liver, and kidneys following prolonged exposure.

What is the most powerful odor eliminator? ›

The 17 best odor eliminators for every gross smell, from cat pee...
  • Ozium Air Sanitizer Spray. ...
  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray. ...
  • DampRid Moisture Absorber With Activated Charcoal. ...
  • DampRid Fresh Scent Hanging Moisture Absorber, 3-Pack. ...
  • Harris Cleaning Vinegar. ...
  • Zero Odor Laundry Odor Eliminator.
Feb 3, 2023

How can I keep my house smelling fresh? ›

  1. Clean your garbage disposal. Notice a stale stink in your kitchen? ...
  2. Refresh carpets and rugs. Go One Step Further. ...
  3. Spruce up your trash can. ...
  4. Simmer herbs and fruit on the stove. ...
  5. Scatter candles throughout your house. ...
  6. Bring the outside in. ...
  7. Freshen up your air vents. ...
  8. Deodorize with dryer sheets.
Mar 4, 2022

Who has the best sense of smell? ›

Bears are thought to have the best sense of smell of any animal on earth. For example, the average dog's sense of smell is 100 times better than a human's. A blood hound's is 300 times better. A bear's sense of smell is 7 times better than a blood hound's or 2,100 times better than a human's.

What kills all smells? ›

Several common household items (most notably baking soda and white vinegar) contain powerful properties that eliminate smells without the use of chemicals. But less-commonly known products like coffee and vodka can do wonders when it comes to eliminating, not simply covering, bad smells.

What is the difference between odor eliminator and air freshener? ›

What is the difference between Air Fresheners vs Deodorisers? Air fresheners cover-up bad odours with perfume. Deodorisers actually destroy bad odours and their source. As a result, some deodorisers are strong disinfectants or bactericides.

What kills human urine smell? ›

Make a solution of baking soda, peroxide and any dish detergent. The combination of the three is often powerful enough to drive away strong urine smells. The solutions is eight fluid ounces of peroxide, three tablespoons of baking soda, and a few drops of dish detergent.

What makes your house smell good all day? ›

Baking soda: Just as baking soda works to absorb odors in your refrigerator, a bowl placed in a room will also absorb odors. Lemon water: Water absorbs odors and adding slices of fresh lemon will provide a clean citrus scent.

What do realtors use to make a house smell good? ›

3 Real Estate Agents Share the Secrets to Making a House Smell Great
  • Freshly Baked Cookies. We've all heard the old advice to bake a batch of cookies before potential home buyers arrive. ...
  • Lavender Cleaner. ...
  • Sweet Nothing. ...
  • Lemon Pledge. ...
  • Fresh Paint. ...
  • Simply Clean. ...
  • Fresh Lemon.
Dec 15, 2017

How do hotels make the lobby smell good? ›

It's all thanks to a clever gizmo known as an HVAC scent diffuser. These are ultra-quiet attachments to heating/air conditioning systems that use high amounts of air pressure to deliver nanoparticles of scented oils uniformly around a room, area, or building.

What scent do dealerships use? ›

Original Factory Scent™ is widely used by Car Dealerships and Auto Auctions to improve the desirability of vehicles to their customers. Used car managers are using this product to reduce smoke odor, improve the marketability of used cars, and move cars off the lot at a quicker rate.

Who is the millionaire from selling air fresheners? ›

Chen Guangbiao, Chinese Millionaire, Sells Canned Fresh Air To Combat Pollution (VIDEO) A Chinese millionaire is reportedly trying to capitalize on his native country's worsening air pollution problem by selling canned fresh air.

What do car detailers use for smell? ›

A professional detailer would clean your car very thoroughly first, and then put the ozone generator inside to eliminate foul odors. Since ozone is a gas, it can saturate upholstery fibers to get rid of the smell that shampooing can not.

What is a smell that most people like? ›

They found that most people, despite coming from different cultures and backgrounds, find vanilla to be the most pleasant smell on the planet more often than not.

How do some people smell so good all the time? ›

The answer has to do with hormones—specifically, pheromones. “Pheromones are chemicals that animals and humans produce, which change and influence the behavior of another animal or human of the same species,” says Erica Spiegelman, wellness specialist, recovery counselor, and author of The Rewired Life.


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