How to pay not Sonic Stall (2023)

If you're like me then you love Sonic. The delicious food, delicious drinks and fun atmosphere make for a great time. However, how to pay at the bank can be a bit confusing.

Here's a quick guide on how to do that. First, find a Sonic location near you. You can do this by visiting their website and entering your zip code.

Once you've found a seat, go to the stand and order your food. When you're ready to pay, just tell the cashier what you'd like to order and they'll give you the total amount.

  • Look for the Sonic sign on the side of the road and head to the booth
  • Park your car in one of the designated spaces and turn off the engine
  • Go to the order window and select what you would like to order from the menu
  • Once you've made your choice, tell the person at the counter your order and pay with cash or a credit/debit card
  • You will receive a receipt and your food will be brought to you shortly thereafter.


Sonic Drive In Mobile Pay app redesigned

How to pay with the Sonic app in the stable

If you're a Sonic Drive-In fan, you can now use the app to pay for your food at the stand! Here's how it works: 1. Download the Sonic app from the App Store or Google Play.

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2. Create an account and add your payment information.3. When you're ready to order, open the app and select Checkout with Sonic. Enter the amount you want to spend and confirm the payment.

5. Show the QR code to the cashier and they will scan it to complete your transaction. That's all! Paying for your meal is quick and easy with the Sonic app.

Sonic Drive-In accepts cash payments

Yes, you can pay cash at Sonic Drive-In. In fact, they accept all major forms of payment, including credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay. However, please note that some menu items are only available with a credit or debit card.

How to use Apple Pay in Sonic

If you're an iPhone user and Sonic fan, you're in luck! You can now use Apple Pay to order and pay for your food at Sonic. See how it works:

1. Open the Sonic app on your iPhone.2. Select the items you want to order and add them to your shopping cart.3. When you're ready to pay, select Apple Pay as the payment method.

4. Place your iPhone next to the contactless reader at checkout and confirm your payment with Touch ID or Face ID (if you have an iPhone X). And the! Your food will be on its way shortly.

Where is the check-in button in the Sonic app

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If you look for the check-in button in the Sonic app, it's in the top-right corner of your screen. After logging in, you will see a white box with the word "Check-in" and a green arrow next to it. Tap it and you can check in at the nearest Sonic location.

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Sonic app payment not working

If you're trying to make a payment through the Sonic app and it's not working, there could be a number of reasons. Here are some possible solutions to try if you're having trouble making a payment:1. Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

If your internet connection is weak or unreliable, this can cause problems with the Sonic app. Try restarting your router or modem, or even connecting to a different Wi-Fi network if possible.2. Look for any outages or service outages affecting the Sonic application.

You can do this by visiting Sonic's website or checking your social media accounts for updates.3. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Sonic app. Using an outdated version can cause problems with payments.

Update the app from your device's app store and try again.4. Finally, if none of these solutions work, contact Sonic customer service for troubleshooting help.

Sonic App Customer Service

Sonic App Customer Service is an iPhone and Android app that makes it easy to contact customer service if you have any problems with your Sonic device. The app also offers a live chat option so you can get help right away.

This is how Sonic Drive In works

Sonic Drive-In is a fast food chain specializing in American food. The company was founded in 1953 and has since grown to more than 3,500 locations across the United States. Sonic is known for its unique ordering system, where customers order and pay for their food at individual stations called "carhops."

Here's how it works: When you park at a Sonic Drive-In, you'll see a sign that says "Order Here." This is where you place your order and pay for your food. Once your order is placed, a carhop will bring your food to your car on a tray.

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You can enjoy your meal in the comfort of your own vehicle! If you are new to Sonic Drive-In, this guide will help you understand how the ordering process works so you can have an enjoyable experience at this popular fast food chain.

Sonic payment screen

Sonic Pay Screen is a new way to pay with your phone. It's fast, convenient and secure. See how it works:

1. Download the Sonic Pay app from the App Store or Google Play.2. Create an account and add your payment information.3. To pay, simply hold your phone up to a participating retailer's payment screen.

4. Enter the amount to pay and confirm the transaction with your fingerprint or PIN code. And the! Your payment will be processed immediately.

With Sonic Pay Screen, there's no more searching for cash or cards - just tap and play! Plus, all your payments are securely stored in one place so you can easily track them (and budget accordingly). Try it next time you shop - we think you'll love it as much as we do!

How do I pay with the app in Sonic?

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You can now pay for your food at SONIC using the new and improved app! Here's how to do it: 1. To checkout, open the app and go to the "Payment" section.

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2. Enter your payment details - you can use your debit or credit card, or link your PayPal account.3. After entering all relevant information, click on "Send Payment".4. You should receive a confirmation message that your payment was successful!

Now all you have to do is enjoy your meal!

What forms of payment does Sonic accept?

SONIC Drive-In is a chain of fast food restaurants founded in the United States. The company has more than 3,500 locations in 45 states. SONIC accepts cash, credit and debit cards as methods of payment.

Can I pay cash when using the Sonic app?

Yes, you can pay cash when using the SONIC app. You can also pay with a credit or debit card or even with your mobile phone. To pay cash, simply select the "Cash" option at checkout.

Do you have to pay by card in the Sonic app?

Yes, you have to pay by card in the SONIC app. More specifically, you must use a credit or debit card. This is because SONIC uses a third-party payment processor called Square.

When you sign up for a SONIC account, you will be asked to provide your credit or debit card information. This allows Square to process your payments.


Let's say you want a synopsis of the blog post titled "How to Pay at a Sonic Stall", here is a possible synopsis: If you are planning to pay at a Sonic Stall with a credit or debit card, there are a few things you should know. First, make sure your card is properly inserted into the reader - otherwise the reader will not be able to process your payment.

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Second, note that some cards may take longer to process than others - if your card is taking a long time to process, try a different payment method. Finally, remember that if you're having trouble paying with your card, you can always ask a Sonic employee for help.


How do you pay at the stall at Sonic? ›

What is SONIC®?
  1. Park. Pull into the stall of your choice. As long as it's empty. Browse. ...
  2. Press. Press the red button and ignite a chain reaction of delicious proportions. Receive. ...
  3. Pay. Pay cash to your carhop or pay with a credit card or debit card at the stall. Enjoy.

Can you pay with the Sonic app if you order at the stall? ›

You can then pay for your order using a credit card or a Sonic gift card, then select a pick up time. When you arrive at the store to pick up your order, pull into a stall and use the app to check in. Your order will be delivered soon!

Are you supposed to eat in the stall at Sonic? ›

Yes, absolutely! Our friendly carhops, as they are called, will be bringing you your food on roller skates or roller blades and taking special care of you. When you are done eating, they will even come and get your SONIC® trash and dispose of it for you if you would like.

Are you supposed to tip the carhops at Sonic? ›

Yes, all carhops keep their own tips. Yes, you don't always get tips from each customer but whatever you make whether it is cash or coins you keep at the end of the night. However you are responsible for any missing cash or fake money that comes in which will be deducted out of your tip pocket.

Why does Sonic ask if I'm a teacher? ›

Under “Account,” select “I'm A Teacher” and provide your information to sign up. The program is available to educators employed by K-12 schools and colleges/universities in the United States. Once verified, Teachers' Circle members will receive exclusive discounts and offers within the app, only available to teachers.

How does pay work at Sonic? ›

Hourly pay at Sonic Drive - In ranges from an average of $7.12 to $14.18 an hour. Sonic Drive - In employees with the job title Restaurant Assistant Manager make the most with an average hourly rate of $11.87, while employees with the title Waiter/Waitress make the least with an average hourly rate of $6.62.

Does Sonic have a secret menu? ›

The secret menu at Sonic includes items like the Frito Pie, Pickle-o's, and the Dr. Pepper Orgasm (yes, you read that right!). You can also get made-to-order sandwiches, hot dogs, and the best tots you've ever had on the secret menu.

Are drinks always half priced on the Sonic app? ›

Get half price Drinks and Slushes any time whenever you Order Ahead in the app.* You can enjoy Happy Hour on your way to work, for a quick break, or right before you head to bed!

Can I use Sonic app in drive thru? ›

Sonic Drive-In

Order ahead through the SONIC App, pick up at the drive-thru, and you will be on your way to a great meal!

Can Sonic employees hear you? ›

If we don't answer you right away - we can hear everything. If we apologize and say we'll be with you in a minute - you're not on hold, we can hear everything. If you've ordered but the drive-thru line won't let you pull ahead yet - we can hear every single thing you're saying.

Are Sonic eggs real? ›

Those "eggs" are actually made with egg whites, yolks, soybean oil, water, natural flavoring agents, salt and a mix preservatives and stabilizers like xanthan gum, citric acid and cellulose gum.

Can you wear jeans at Sonic? ›

The dress code at Sonic Drive-In is generally uniform, consisting of a company-issued shirt, dark jeans or pants, and a hat or visor with the Sonic Drive-In logo. The dress code prohibits non-company shirts, sweatpants, and open-toed shoes.

How much do Sonic carhops make before tips? ›

However many Sonic pay carhops $7.25 an hour. $10/hr on average after an afternoon shift/ good day (which is typical), $2 total at the end of a bad morning shift.

Why doesn t Sonic let you tip? ›

Employees won't refuse a tip because that would be rude. But it is not encouraged as the leadership doesn't want their Guests to feel obligated to tip on top of the meal price. That's why Sonic has chosen to pay minimum wages+ for all positions.

Why can't you tip at Sonic? ›

The reason they dont have a place to tip on the receipt is it slows down getting orders out. Some sonics may allow you tip on your card if you tell the carhop as she goes in with your card. If it is a sonic that has the stall card reader but no option to tip, tipping in cash is the only option.

What is the youngest age Sonic hires? ›

You must be at least 16 years old to work as a team member at Sonic Drive-In. As a Sonic Drive-In Carhop, you're responsible for serving and delivering food safely and efficiently to customers, and at some locations you have the option of doing it on roller skates.

What is the youngest age to work at Sonic? ›

16+ only. You must be sixteen, or fifteen in some states.

Does Sonic have swear words? ›

Sonic the Hedgehog has some mild coarse language, including 'egg sack', 'butt', 'Officer Brainfart' and 'You son of a ...'.

Does Sonic withhold your first paycheck? ›

No, Sonic does not hold your first paycheck.

What is Sonics pay period? ›

Sonic pays every two weeks.

Do Sonic employees get paid daily? ›

Great American Hospitality operates over 20 SONIC Drive-In locations across North Carolina and South Carolina. They are among the latest QSR employers to implement daily pay benefits for their hourly employees.

How do you cheat in Sonic 1? ›

At the title screen, hold A then press Up, Down, Left, Right. When you hear the chime, press Start. <p> If that doesn't work, try this: at the title screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, hold A, and press Start. After doing this once, you only need to hold Start + A to enter the level select.

What is a pink lady at Sonic? ›

Pink Lady. Sticking with the pink theme, order a Pink Lady and you'll essentially get a Sprite with cherry juice and vanilla cream added. What is this? This drink was on the regular menu at Sonic so many employees are still versed in how to make this tasty concoction.

Is Sonic free on anything? ›

Just after Netflix confirmed a new 3D animated series and with the sequel set for release next year, you can now stream Sonic The Hedgehog for FREE via Amazon Prime Video and over on Hulu.

Are Sonic drinks 99 cents? ›

SONIC guests can order favorites like a large Ocean Water, Strawberry Fruit Slush or Cherry Limeade for just $0.99 to fuel them for the day and provide a refreshing addition to their morning routine. Fancy a tea in the a.m.?

How do I get my free drink from Sonic? ›

Complete the Sonic survey on your receipt for a free drink. Whenever you get a receipt from a Sonic, it'll have an ID number on the bottom.

What is half off after 8 at Sonic? ›

Our shakes, floats, and ice cream slushes are half off after 8 PM, but our Blasts are not. The only difference is candy toppings, right?

What is the point of the Sonic app? ›

The SONIC Drive-In app lets you order and pay with your phone, get rewards, find out about new items and offers, browse the menu, check nutritional information and more! Order Ahead and be first in line every time! Plus, get Happy Hour Any Time (1/2 Price Drinks & Slushes) when you order ahead through the app.

Does Sonic sell bags of ice? ›

How to Buy Sonic Ice. You guessed it: Sonic sells their iconic 'Sonic ice. ' You can purchase a 10-lb. bag of packaged ice from the drive-thru for around $3.50.

How do you use water on Sonic app? ›

To clear water from your iPhone's speakers, tap the water drop icon in the center of the screen after opening the Sonic app. Sonic will automatically play a tone at the right frequency, and you'll want to turn the volume up on your iPhone so that the vibrations kick in enough to shake the water loose.

What is a sonic stall? ›

Stalls are for food 🌭 Drive-Thru is for drinks 🥤 This is one way to SONIC, but how do you SONIC?

Can you pay cash in Sonic? ›

At Sonic, you may purchase tasty meals with various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards.

Can you use a debit card at Sonic? ›

The system accepts credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, as well as most debit cards.

How can I tip at Sonic without cash? ›

Some sonics may allow you tip on your card if you tell the carhop as she goes in with your card. If it is a sonic that has the stall card reader but no option to tip, tipping in cash is the only option. Servers are not allowed to expect a tip.

How does Sonic go fast? ›

Despite his small appearance, Sonic the Hedgehog has a max speed of 186,000 miles per second and travels at a speed of 767 miles per hour. His light-speed shoes allow him to run faster than the speed of light and fight the evil genius who wants to use him in an experiment.

Can Doordash accept cash? ›

Under Delivery Preferences, toggle on Cash on Delivery Orders. You can opt-in or out any time you want, with no impact on your ratings. Look for orders that say Cash on Delivery and accept just like any other order—the only difference is you'll get paid in cash when you drop them off.

Can you use a debit card at a kiosk? ›

In addition to accepting cash payments, payment kiosks can also support credit card, debit card, and ACH transactions. EMV chip card readers can provide an extra layer of security for card transactions.

Does Booth accept debit cards? ›

The customer pays for the item with cash, check, credit card, or debit card. You fulfill the order immediately by giving the merchandise to the customer.

Does tip have to be cash? ›

The One Time It's Always OK to Tip With a Credit Card

Credit card fees and delayed payment aside, any service worker will take a larger tip on a credit card over a smaller one in cash. In the situations where putting a tip on a credit card truly isn't an option—tipping valets, housekeeping, movers, etc.


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