Elden Ring: Who Besieges Man Godskin Duo [Cheese Method] (2023)

Elden Ring has many terrible boss fights ranging from Margit to Godrick and even some very tough but optional bosses likeRadahn. There is a boss fight that haunts every type of player. Regardless of their severity, these boss battles provide satisfaction upon completion and help the player grow in some way. However, among these boss fights, there is one that is completely despised by players. This is the Godskin duo fight. If this is the fight for you, this is it.ancient ringGodskin Duo Cheese Guide makes sure you don't have to die and say goodbye to these cursed beasts.

Key points:

  • Godskin Duo Boss is one of the most challenging boss fights in the Elden Ring.
  • The Godskin Duo can be found atDecaying Blue Farumlocation during thegame overEventos the Elden Ring.
  • The fight is considered difficult simply because both bosses can do it.overwhelmthe player if he is not careful.
  • there are some optionscheese the fightand get over it easily, e.g. B with thedream state effecteither in one of the duos or with thatspiritual ashesCarry.

The best strategy here comes down to proper positioning around the Godskin Duo, as well as efficient use of amighty buildto downplay your health.

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Método Godskin Duo Cheese Enancient ring

Elden Ring: Who Besieges Man Godskin Duo [Cheese Method] (1)

The most frustrating aspect of the Godskin Duo fight is that it is a huge disadvantage for them.meleeUser.intelligence constructswho use long-range attacks or those who are skilled with one-shotBuild the Azure CometYou may not have to struggle with it as much. Therefore, the cheese that we will talk about in a moment is the one that best suits everyone.Build Elden Ring, even those who have little faith or arcana.

We do not use a specific weapon for Elden Ring Godskin Duo Cheese. actually thearmawhat you have doesn't matter at all. What we are going to need is theThe frost tramples the ashes of war.In fact, it ranks as one of the top 15Best Elden Ring War Ashesout there. So it works amazingly well for this cheese.

Frost Stomp Location

Elden Ring: Who Besieges Man Godskin Duo [Cheese Method] (2)

To get to the Hoarfrost Stomp War Ashes, head to the Main Caria Manor Gate Site of Grace. From there, move a short distance southeast towards the lake marked on the map. There we will fight against an invisible enemy. That enemy is the Teardrop Beetle that roams the lake.

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As you get closer to the lake, look for the glowing tracks. You can also use water to detect footprints. They will move towards you when the Teardrop Beetle is near. Just swing your sword or some form of attack and kill the Teardrop Beetle. If he dies, you get the Hoarfrost Stomp's Ashes of War.

trample with frost

Elden Ring: Who Besieges Man Godskin Duo [Cheese Method] (3)

The Hoarfrost Stomp is a great Ashes of War overall. With just a 10 FP spread, as the name suggests, you can stomp on the ground to unleash a chilling attack that extends forward and out. Then the ice crystals shattered, causing more damage.

Although it can't be charged, its quick cast allows you to cast it in quick succession and freeze enemies. It works great with the larger one.chefsas they can often be injured twice with a single area covered with stomping. And since Godskin Noble is quite massive, it works well against it.

If you have more stamina, FP, and HP, Ashes of War will perform better against Godskin Duo. But overall, just using Hoarfrost Stomp gives you a much better chance against them. Regardless, you can use the Pillars to avoid much of the incoming damage and use the Hoarfrost Stomp. The frost attack can go through the pillars to the other side.

Thus, you can keep a long distance while dealing damage. We want to smash the Godskin Duo through the pillars with the Hoarfrost Stomp until the frost builds up. Freeze damage can deal a large percentage of damage.

If you are looking for a build with good strength, consider the following: Bester Elden Ring Darth Maul Build

Watch out for the second phase where the biggest boss, Godskin Noble, starts his rolling motion. The rocking motion can often cause him to even roll onto the pillar, so be prepared for such a case if the pillar breaks. Also, keep in mind that he is vulnerable while he launches the attack and will need a short moment before he can dodge again. So if you see one of the enemies setting up the fireball attack, just make sure you have enough cover.

Regardless, even if it takes several tries, you have a much better chance of defeating the dreaded Godskin Duo. This is the Elden Ring Godskin Duo Cheese method. But if you're looking for alternative methods to fight the boss, you've come to the right place.

If you're also looking for better protective gear for the dreaded Godskin fight, consider one of the 10Best Elden Ring Armor SetsWith locations.

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Elden Ring Godskin Duo Alternative Methods

The Elden Ring Godskin Duo Cheese method using the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War is a great method. In fact, it's the best method that can work with any build. However, if you are looking for other methods that can also work with Duo, you may want to consider some of the following.

Using the sleep status effect

Elden Ring: Who Besieges Man Godskin Duo [Cheese Method] (4)

The sleep effect, like many of the status effects in Elden Ring, like B. the bleed effect. Once the suspended state is activated, enemies will receive a purple glow indicating the state. The sleeping state makes them vulnerable to sneak attack.

There are manyArticlein Elden Ring that induce a sleepy effect. This includes the Sleepbone Arrow, which can be used on anyoneThe bookYour choice. You can create them after you get the Fevor.Cook Book. Fevor's Cookbook is available for 3500speechesof the Merchant in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. He can also use the cookbook to make sleeping pots that he can use as well.

If you prefermelee weaponsTo deal damage, you can use the sword of Santa Trina. It can be found in the Forsaken Ruins on the border between Caelid and Limgrave. you need onestone keybladeto break the sealKobold statueso you can get in.

Regardless of the weapon you use; The goal is to put one boss to sleep while you deal with the other. This way, you don't have to worry about being surprised by unwanted attacks. Once the non-sleeping enemy dies, it awakens the other, causing both of them to respawn.

Use the night and the flaming sword

Elden Ring: Who Besieges Man Godskin Duo [Cheese Method] (5)

The night and the flame have great intelligence andBelieve24 point requirement. But if you can equip it, you can use the Night and Flame sword to deal with the Godskin Duo. However, finding it is quite a gamble. But you can find it in a chest in Caria Manor.

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But essentially, we want to take advantage of the night and flame stance that comes with the sword. Allows the user to hold the sword and follow up with a normal attack to cast Night Comet Sorcery. Said ability is very similar to that one.blue kiteAttack, just without the build option or the 60 point intelligence requirement.

You can shoot lightning through it with the Night Comet Sorcery ability. Using the pillars in the arena allows you to keep your distance and damage both Godskin Duo bosses if you aim accurately. This makes the boss fight easier, especially if you've used a melee strategy before.

use your enchantment

A great way to combat the Godskin Duo is to distract them with your summon. This will split their attention between you and your summon, allowing you to target just one enemy without being interrupted by the other. However, if you decide to use this strategy, be careful as your summon will not last long in battle.

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A great summon to challenge the Godskin Duo is Mimic Summon. Since this is an exact replica of your character, it will beall your weaponsand abilities. So it can help balance the fight as both Godskin enemies have the same strength.

If you need another call to help you, you must choose one of the 10Ashen Remains of Bester Elden RingWith locations.

Elden Ring Godskin Duo-Kampf

Elden Ring: Who Besieges Man Godskin Duo [Cheese Method] (6)

The Godskin duo fight isn't technically as scary as some of the other boss fights out there. There is still the Radahn fight, which some consider one of the toughest.per programbosses If you too are struggling with this fight, please read: *Radahn Cheese Article*

What makes Godskin Duo so terrifying, though, is that it's not an optional boss. If you want to progress with the story, you have to beat the duo. No shortcuts. Due to the compulsion, players began to hate the fight so much that they even created a subreddit just to swear against the fight.

Getting to Godskin Duo Fight

If you haven't made it to this fight yet, what are you doing here? But let us tell you about it. The battle takes place in the story after you defeat the fire giant at Giant's Mountain Peaks. Get inDecaying Blue Farum, you must defeat the Godskin Duo.

The Godskin Duo, as the name suggests, is a double boss. You will fight the Apostle Godskin and the Godskin Noble, both of which have the same strength. You get a bounty of 170,000 runes, but that's if you can beat them. You will also get the Forgestone Miner's Hood Storage and Ashes of War:black flameTornado.

Why are the Godskin duo fighting so hard?

The problem with Godskin Duo is that both enemies are equally powerful. Strong enough to be his own boss. Usually in double battles, one enemy tends to be weaker than the other, allowing you to strategically plan and manage it. However, if both enemies have the same strength and attack at the same speed, you have no idea what to do.

What makes it even more annoying is that you can't just kill one of the Godskin Duo bosses and focus on the other. That's because they both share a common HP and can't die until you deplete the main HP. If you kill one of the enemies while the main HP bar is not empty, the other boss will simply break and revive the killed enemy. Not only that, but they also have their own health bars, so if they are revived, they will come back with full health.

If you're looking for a quick build that can also regenerate health like Godskin regenerates your other boss companion, consider the following:Elden-Ring-Vampir-Build: equipment, armor and playing style.

Also, his attacks are fast and his hitboxes are insane. Even if you try to use all 6 pillars in the arena, the noble Godskin manages to turn around and hit you. Also, they tend to trap the player if one gets too close with melee attacks while the other throws fireballs of black flames at you.

(Video) Elden Ring - CHEESE All Bosses (EASY)

So if you are a traditional melee fighter, Godskin Duo combat will be hell on earth for you. As you try to take out one enemy, the other will sneak up on you or attack you from a distance. So the only good chance you have in this fight is to somehow keep your distance and damage both of them together. But like any boss, there's always a cheese, even for melee builds.

If you're looking for a ranged weapon that will give you an edge in battle, check out our 13The best ranged weapons in Elden Ring.

The Elden Ring Godskin Cheese method should be able to give you the edge you need to finally beat one of the worst fights in the game. It seems that every FromSoftware game always has some kind of fighting that makes the player tear their hair out. And the Godskin fight is the one in the Elden Ring. Anyway, don't lose hope, bereaved, and persevere! Good luck and if you have other strategies that have worked well for you or have any questions, please let us know in the comments.

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Why is the Godskin Duo so hard? ›

The Godskin Duo boss fight is easily one of the most challenging – bordering on aggravating – fights in Elden Ring. Because you'll be going against two of them at the same time - with varying move sets to boot – you should absolutely consider bringing in some help.

What are the Godskin Duo weak to? ›

Godskin Duo Overview
SummonsPlayers and Spirit Ashes
Drops170,000 Runes Ash of War: Black Flame Tornado Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [4]
Weak ToPhysical Thrust Physical Slash Hemorrhage Scarlet Rot Frostbite Poison
1 more row
Apr 4, 2022

What level should you be to fight the Godskin Duo? ›

The recommended level for the Godskin Duo is at least 100, with weapons of +18 or higher. That being said, you should probably end up being a little higher than this at this point, assuming you've not just been on the critical path.

How do you beat Godskin Duo easily? ›

It's possible to take down the Godskin Duo in Crumbling Farum Azula by traditional means. You can use your favorite Spirit Ash, summon other players, or even enlist the help of Recusant Bernahl, whose NPC summon sign waits outside the boss room when you approach from the Dragon Temple Transept site of grace.

What armor is good against Godskin Duo? ›

A highly-upgraded medium or greatshield is highly recommended for this fight. There are situations where both bosses attack at once, making dodging very hard. A stable shield will help in these moments since you'll be able to use it to block attacks from both bosses.

What summon is best for Godskin Duo? ›

The best Spirit Ashes to use against the Godskin Duo are those that spawn multiple allies, like the Greatshield Soldier ashes, or that can put one of the bosses to sleep, like Dolores the Sleeping Arrow. Multiple summons will split to distract one of the Godskins and help you focus down the other at the same time.

Can you fight Placidusax before Godskin Duo? ›

You will need to make your way through most of the zone before reaching the path to Placidusax, which includes going through the Godskin Duo boss fight.

Do you have to beat Godskin Duo to get to Alexander? ›

To find Alexander in this location, you will need two Stonesword Keys to activate the Dragon Temple Lift. Head north following the Godskin Duo fight and platform across the broken structures until you see the Imp Statue Seal that will unlock the lift.

Is Godskin Duo easy? ›

The Godskin Duo is a boss you encounter in Crumbling Farum Azula, one of the final areas of the game. What makes it so difficult is that it, as the name implies, involves fighting two bosses at once.

What is Malketh weak to? ›

Additionally, the boss is weak to Frost damage, so the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War works an absolute treat here for decimating its health. However, since the Hoarfrost Stomp has effectively been nerfed by FromSoftware, you might want to consider taking in a weapon with Bleed damage instead.

Is it possible to cheese Malenia? ›

There's finally a way to cheese Malenia. Malenia, as you may know by now, is by far the toughest boss to beat in Elden Ring. Thankfully, FromSoftware showed us an iota mercy by making her optional boss, and put her all the way on a part of the map you don't even need to go near to complete the game.

Is the Godskin Duo a hard fight? ›

One of the most challenging bosses in Elden Ring is the Godskin Duo, which is a mandatory boss that players must defeat to progress in the story. The Godskin Duo boss fight in Elden Ring is often considered the most annoying as many of their attacks can't be blocked.

How hard is the Godskin Duo? ›

Double bosses are always tricky, but the Godskin Duo presents a particularly challenging mix of range and pressure. It is very difficult to get damage in against the Duo unless you know exactly what you're doing. If you're struggling to drop the Godskin Duo, this guide will help.

Is Godskin Duo weak to holy damage? ›

Weak to Hemorrhage, Frostbite, Scarlet Rot, Poison, and Slash Damage. Can be put to sleep with ease for a long time. Resistant to Strike Damage (Noble), Fire Damage, Holy Damage. Immune to Death status.

What is Godfrey weak to? ›

The boss is weak to Lightning Damage, and using Lightning Incantations against him will make the fight easier. If you play as a ranged caster, you can use high-damaging spells or Cerulean Hidden Tear to eliminate FP consumption and cast Comet Azur to decimate the boss's health bar.

What level should I be for malenia? ›

The recommended level for Malenia is 120 at least, ideally 125+, with weapons of +23 or more. You can't really be overleveled for this fight.

What is the strongest spirit ashes in Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring: 10 Best Spirit Ashes, Ranked
  • 8 Lone Wolf.
  • 7 Nepheli Loux.
  • 6 Aurelia (Jellyfish)
  • 5 Dung Eater.
  • 4 Stormhawk Deenh.
  • 3 Banished Knight Oleg.
  • 2 Black Knife Tiche.
  • 1 Mimic Tear Ashes.
Dec 3, 2022

What weapon is good against Dragonlord Placidusax? ›

For the melee strategy, bringing a thrusting weapon can be very helpful. The boss has the lowest resistance against physical thrust damage, so going dual-Rapiers is a very good choice. Affinity-wise, the boss is strong against all of them, but Scarlet Rot is quite useful in this fight.

What is Placidusax weak against? ›

Placidusax is reportedly weak to fire. We didn't notice a significant difference after coating weapons with fire--and fire spells take too long to cast--though it's worth trying at any rate. Once you approach the dragon, they call down red lightning across the battlefield.

What level should I be for Dragonlord Placidusax? ›

Elden Ring Dragonlord Placidusax build recommendations

We were around level 160 when we fought this boss. While melee builds are totally viable for this fight, you'll likely have an easier time if you use magic instead.

What happens if you miss Alexander? ›

If you missed talking to Alexander at his first two locations, the Warrior Jar will still attend Radahn's Festival at Redmane Castle. You can speak to him in the courtyard before the fight and summon him during the battle; his flailing arms and unwavering spirit should prove invaluable in the fight against Radahn.

Can you get locked out of Ranni ending? ›

It's worth noting that if you progress his quest right to the end, you'll be locked out of finishing Ranni's lengthy quest unless you atone at the Church of Vows (opens in new tab).

Can I do Rogiers quest after Ranni? ›

The quest's next phase involves a difficult fight against an Ulcerated Tree Spirit. The quest has no timer, so you're free to postpone the battle until you've leveled up and obtained different equipment. Again, just don't speak to Ranni yet if you want to finish this quest.

How do you beat Godskin Duo spirit caller cave? ›

General Tips
  1. Be Level 100 or Higher.
  2. As the arena is a cave-like area, try not to get cornered at one side.
  3. Jumping Heavy Attacks will break Godskin Apostle's poise much faster, leading to a critical hit.
  4. Try not to attack in between Godskin Noble's combos, as his Rapier attacks can hit for a large amount of your health.
Apr 29, 2022

What level should I be for Elden Ring endgame? ›

The recommended level for this area is between 50 to 60. The recommended weapon level is +4 to +5. Just like the areas, you can take on the bosses in any order you feel like as well. Since there are over 200 bosses in Elden Ring, we have just included the ones who are absolutely necessary to progress in the game.

What boss is after Godskin Duo? ›

Godskin Duo (Crumbling Farum Azula) Godskin Noble (Volcano Manor) Hoarah Loux the Warrior (Leyndell, Ashen Capital) Leonine Misbegotten (Castle Morne)

Is Gurranq and Maliketh the same? ›

Elden Ring: Gurranq and Maliketh are One and The Same

Players would be forgiven for thinking that the first time they meet Maliketh is on Farum Azula, where they kill him and restore Destined Death to the Lands Between.

Can Malekith get Scarlet Rot? ›

Maliketh is highly susceptible to Bleed and Scarlet Rot, so use weapons, spells, or items that inflict these statuses if you can. You'll score a ton of bonus damage against him this way, making the fight go much faster.

Is Maliketh a wolf or a lion? ›

to answer the question of whether Maliketh is a wolf, the description of Raging Wolf set said "According to the old legends, wolves are the shadows of the Empyrean.", Maliketh is Marika's shadow beast, yeah he's a wolf.

What spirit is best for Godskin Duo? ›

The best Spirit Ashes to use against the Godskin Duo are those that spawn multiple allies, like the Greatshield Soldier ashes, or that can put one of the bosses to sleep, like Dolores the Sleeping Arrow. Multiple summons will split to distract one of the Godskins and help you focus down the other at the same time.

How do you get around Godskin Duo? ›

It's possible to take down the Godskin Duo in Crumbling Farum Azula by traditional means. You can use your favorite Spirit Ash, summon other players, or even enlist the help of Recusant Bernahl, whose NPC summon sign waits outside the boss room when you approach from the Dragon Temple Transept site of grace.

Is Godskin Duo hard? ›

One of the most challenging bosses in Elden Ring is the Godskin Duo, which is a mandatory boss that players must defeat to progress in the story. The Godskin Duo boss fight in Elden Ring is often considered the most annoying as many of their attacks can't be blocked.

Is Godskin Apostle weak to Sleep? ›

Godskin Apostle Strategies And Tips

The Godskins are susceptible to few things, but they can be staggered relatively quickly, and are susceptible to Sleep.


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