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overdue murder(2010)Amazon. of|
classified as murder(2011)Amazon. of|
M reports murder(2012)Amazon. of|
out of circulation(2012)Amazon. of|
The silence of the library(2014)Amazon. of|
Arsenic and old books(2015)Amazon. of|
Cats not allowed(2016)Amazon. of|
Twelve angry librarians(2017)Amazon. of|
claws with worry(2018)Amazon. of|
Six cats to kill(2018)Amazon. of|
the pathetic truth(2019)Amazon. of|
sloppy whiskers(2020)Amazon. of|
eat me if you can(2020)Amazon. of|
What the cat dragged(2021)Amazon. of|
syllables mortal(2023)Amazon. of|

Miranda James is one of America's top rated novelists. Miranda James aka Dean James. Miranda James is a seventh generation native of Mississippi and has long translated to Texas. Miranda has been a huge mystery fan since he was ten. He wrote his first novel at the tender age of 12.

Miranda James has been a medical librarian for almost twenty years and has published several articles, primarily on subjects such as history of science/medicine, librarianship and detective fiction. The first book he co-authored with a colleague named Jean Swanson was known as By the Hand of a Woman (Berkley; 1994). James and Jean won an Agatha Award for Best-Selling Mystery Nonfiction and were later selected by the Mystery Writers of America for Edgar for their highest rated critical biographical work for that famous reference work. Due to his maximum commitment, the second edition of the non-fiction book Mystery saw the light of day just two years later.

The good relationship between Miranda and Jean did not end there. They also collaborated and co-wrote two other books, Killer Books (Berkley; 1998) and The Dick Francis Companion (Berkley; 2003). In all, they have co-authored or edited six mystery reference books along with another anthology of short stories. He later collaborated with Elizabeth Foxwell and wrote The Robert B. Parker Companion (Berkley; 2000).

Miranda wrote her first novel, CRUEL COMO LA TUMBA (Secrets of the Silver Dagger), in 2000. Since then, she has never stopped writing and has written another 18 novels. She wrote these books under her personal name and the nicknames Honor Hartman and Jimmie Ruth Evans. In August 2010 she started her new series called "Cat in the Stacks Mysteries" with the role of Miranda James. And the first novel in the series is known as The Murder Past Due. This book was on the New York Times Expanded Paperback Market bestseller list for almost a month. Classified as Murder (Berkley's Top Crime), the second novel in the Cat in the Stacks Mysteries series, was released in May 2011 and also made the New York Best Seller list. And the third novel in the series, File M For Murder, is also available. The fourth is called "Out of Circulation" (Berkley Prime Crime) and debuted at number eleven on the New York Times bestseller list. The fifth novel in the series is entitled The Silence of the Library (Berkley Prime Crime) and is currently available. And prepare for many more. Anyone who has ever read his books has been overwhelmed by his artistic work. The books in this series are great and the more you read the more you wonder when the other one will come out. Dean has a great love for cats and is currently living with two cats, several books and always thinking of ways to kill people, not practical but only in fiction books.

The setting for this series took place around Athena Mississippi. The first in the series is MURDER PAST DUE and consists of the following characters; Diesel, a Maine Coon cat, rescued by Charlie Harries, a friendly librarian who takes Diesel almost everywhere. Maine Coon cats are very large, weighing around 25 pounds, almost the largest in the cat family.

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Diesel and his owner live in Athena, Mississippi, where Charlie, who lost his wife to cancer, decides to return to his hometown to live in a house he inherited from his aunt. And he decides to work in the archives department of the university library, and Diesel is a popular visitor to the library, but his favorite thing to do is accompany Charlie. Besides working in the library, Charlie also rents out a few rooms in his house to students, just like his aunt used to do. Diesel has one trait that's just one of his types, and that's the ability to know when those around him need a paw, a hug, or a smack on the head; She especially enjoys being around Justin, a new student who shares a room with Charlie.

Charlie is deep in his work when he learns of the return of popular author and former classmate Godfrey Priest. Godfrey returns to Athena to promote his new book and take care of some business. Charlie suddenly remembers his old schoolmate as someone who used to be very arrogant and thought he was better than others, and some people agreed with that assessment. His return home is eventful, by noon he had sent one to the hospital for treatment and literally changed the lives of residents of this city, and by dinner he had gone to the ancestors. He is found dead in his hotel room. Suddenly, Charlie is looking for any information he can find to figure out who might have killed a man no one likes to associate with, mostly his co-workers. Godfrey was disliked by many people, if not all. That's a pretty confusing puzzle. Anyone who has read this book will never want to put it down because it will captivate you from the first page. It is indeed amazing how Charlie assembles an excellent detective team to unravel the mystery behind Godfrey Priest's death.

The second book in this series is CLASSIFIED AS MORD, about the eccentric James Delacorte who is aging and asks Charlie the librarian to inventory his collection of rare books. But suddenly the job goes from tedious to pretty scary when James joins the ancestors or turns up dead. Dependent on his friend Diesel, he must leave no stone unturned to uncover the mystery behind James' death. And Charlie must bring James's killers to justice before someone else falls victim to the ordeal, or before another victim walks away.

In summary all the books in the CAT IN THE MYSTERIES series by James Miranda are really impressive and if reading novels is your hobby go to the nearest bookstore or supermarket and get one of the books in this series if not all you. . Their prices are pocket-friendly.

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